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Monday, September 27, 2010

shakeology update

oh. em. gee. the chocolate shake this morning was AHMAZING!!!!! It didnt even taste like a health drink and I had a good day at work! Today I made this recipe:

Carl Daikeler Special
  • 1-1/2 scoops Chocolate Shakeology
  • 1 Tbsp. almond or peanut butter (or to taste)
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 cup ice
  • 8 oz. water
I placed my order 10 minutes ago. For a month supply. After a month we'll see how I feel about it. I think I'm in love. Here are a few recipes I cant WAIT to try!

  • 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
  • 1 cup cold coffee (cool the brewed coffee over ice first) *ill use decaf
  • 1/2 cup water; or nonfat milk; soy, rice, or almond milk
  • Ice to taste
  • Tip: Add cinnamon and nutmeg for a cappuccino-flavored shake!
Strawberry Peach Surprise
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen peaches
  • 1 scoop Greenberry Shakeology
  • 3/4 cup water
  • Ice to taste
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
  • 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup nonfat milk; or soy, rice, or almond milk
  • Ice to taste
Orange Julius
1 scoop GreenBerry
1 cup of water
1/2 cup almond milk
1 packet Crystal light Sugar free “Classic Orange” or “Sunrise”
Ice (I put in like 2 cups of ice)


"insanity" insanity

so. last monday, i had a major heart freak out at work. went to an emergency visit to the cardio. couldnt really find a sturdy explanation for what was going on, until matt mentioned that we'd been doing the work-out "insanity" the previous week. turns out when you have my condition and a doctor tells you to "exercise" they mean a brisk walk not a get-your-heartrate-up-to-200bpm-and-stay-there-for-crazy-amounts-of-time. SO i will not be doing insanity again.

needless to say. i do need some better nutrition in my life. and i am always low on energy due to low blood flow. ive been doing a lot of research on a program called "shakeology" which is advertised on the end of the insanity dvds. i got in contact with a guy who sent me some samples recently and i cant tell you how much it did for me at work the next day!!! it was AMAZING the difference in energy level i had. and not bad energy... for example... i cant drink caffeine, so if i had a coffee or something, i get that jittery, my hearts going to explode, nervous energy. but this was just as natural as can be, didnt feel anything except not tired like i usually am.

i had the "greenberry" shake before work that day. mixing it with blueberries, blackberries, strawberry yogurt, orange juice, and ice. it wasn't DELICIOUS but it wasnt enough to make me stop drinking it. (and im a gagger...that protein crap matt drinks makes me want to vomit). anyway, tomorrow morning i am trying to "chocolate" shake which i will mix with milk, banana, peanut butter, and ice. sounds good! i encourage you to read about it!!!! and i'll let you know if i end up ordering the whole system. if i can tell a noticeable different tomorrow morning, too, i will most definitely be doing just that.

here is what all you would have to eat to get the equivalent nutrition contained in ONE SHAKE with shakeology:

a bowl of exotic fruit
4 cups raw broccoli
7 carrots
10 cups raw cauliflower
3 cups romaine lettuce
4 cups uncooked mushrooms
3 raw onions
A cup of peas
4 cups radishes
4 cups nonfat yogurt
and 1 shot of wheatgrass

it's SO good for you and makes you feel great! check it out here: shakeology

happy monday! -b

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

go away!

30 day blog journal is making me mad. i find myself avoiding blogging on purpose nowadays bc 30 day blog journal is ANNOYING ME!!!!!! so here's my last day of 30 day blog journal, even though its really only like, post 2o or something?

day "who cares" - what's in your purse?

literally.. i am sitting here with my purse, pulling stuff out to tell you..

- wallet
- iPhone
- keys
- lifesavers wintergreens
- Big Red gum
- random receipts (taco casa, petsmart, and homegoods to be exact)
- a bottled water
- MAC lipgloss
- black eyeliner
- one angel wing earring that i lost the other
- a coupon i got in the mail for a free pair of PINK panties from Victoria's Secret, wohoo!
- some bobbie pins
- parking passes to the garage i park in for work
- a greek "evil eye" and cross charm that is on a safety pin, pinned to the lining of my purse by my boss to keep bad spirits away from me :) (my bosses are greek)
- a tiny johnson and johnson's lotion
- a roll-on perfume called "CLEAN" love it.
- a milkbone. ????? hahaha how did that get in there?? i bet that pretty did it.
- a swatch from a bridesmaids dress that i meant to leave at work..its pretty.. "peacock"
- a used tiger paw sticker that was on my face at the last Clemson game
- a pack of sweetarts

haha. i think my purse describes me pretty well. happy thursday!


Sunday, September 19, 2010


sorry! i skipped a LOT of days! we had a busy (but fun) week. now i am exhausted and about to go to bed but wanted to catch up on my 30 day blog journal that i've been neglecting... I'll pick up with today ... day 25. dont worry.. the one's i skipped were pretty boring anyway :)

Day 25 - My Day (in great detail)

8:15 - my alarm goes off and i hit snooze about a zillion times. that's how long i need to REALLY wake up

9:15 - get out of bed. put on my clothes for work. brush my teeth. go over my hair with the straightener a little and put on some make-up.

9:40 - stop by matt's office and give him a kiss (he works in the bedroom next to ours, haha) run downstairs. feed the dogs. give them a kiss. grab my sandwich that i made the night before. run out the door. eat my sandwich on the way to work.

10 - get to work. clean up the store (ex.: put dresses up from the day before, wipe mirrors, straighten the wedding room, etc.)

somewhere between 10 and 1 - chat with Anna (the italian seamstress at work who is basically like my 2nd mother) answer phones, file invoices, wait for the UPS man, when he gets there, open boxes, see the pretty dresses people ordered, call and tell people their dress is here, put them in dress bags, write an info card, and put their dress in the back. place orders, ship out of town bridesmaids dresses, cut lace, fax orders, answer not-so-smart questions on the phone (ex.: "hey, do you guys rent out wedding dresses?" or "hi, just wondering if you buy used wedding dresses?") umm sort hangers? work with brides, mothers, bridesmaids, etc. go get people lunch. or go to the post office and get stamps. you name it, i do it. (IT SAID DETAILS PEOPLE!)

1 pm - eat lunch with Paula, Vu, and Anna. everyday. if it's 1 pm. we are heating up our lunches, and whatever piece of fruit Anna brought (yes, she brings one every day) she gives me half. I really like it when she brings pears :) yumm. Anyway, they make fun of me bc i eat a turkey sandwich like, every day. and i make fun of them bc they eat the same things too... Anna- chicken, green beans and peppers, a piece of fruit. Vu- RICE! everyday!!!! sometimes soup or vietnamese noodles. but ALWAYS rice. Paula - a chicken leg. or a hard boiled egg. seriously.

1:30-5:30 - do everything I mentioned before.

5:30 - drive home. usually stopping at either the tanning bed. the grocery store. or maybe taco casa if im lucky :)

6 pm - get home. say hey to matt. sit on the floor and talk to Cooper. he misses me a lot when im gone so i have to give him special attention when i get home. then do randomness like clean up kitchen, play angry birds on my phone, sweep the porch, cut the dogs nails, haha . whatev

6:45 - cook some dinner if matt's lucky :)

7- we eat. i watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy !

8-11 .. do whatever. includes ... facebooking, blogging, watching reality tv, playing matt on wii, watching football, doing some laundry, etc etc.

11- make matt's coffee and set the maker for 8:30. and everynight think "man i wish i could have caffeine." i'd love to actually DRINK a cup of what i make every. single. night. (sidenote: i cant have any caffeine due to my heart condition) make my turkey sandwiches (if i have to work the next day) give cooper his medicines. give annie a treat, too. tell matt to get off his computer game and come get in bed with me to watch HGTV. then lay on my computer for about an hour before he actually comes to bed.

12- take my ambien. say weird things to matt sometimes. watch house hunters. literally, i watch hgtv, everynight. unless that stupid holmes on homes is on. then i watch bravo or tlc. :) turn off the tv once the sound gets annoying. turn on our sleep machine (cannot sleep without it!) and then a lot of times, do weird things like go on Baby Name forums on my iPhone and write things like this ....

September 17th, 1:32 am

"We want/need to incorporate my grandmothers name into our daughter's. Our first choice is "Marion Lynn" and calling her "Mayer!" we love Mayer! Maybe even just Mayer Lynn Bolt.

Other option is "Victoria Morgan Bolt" and call her "Corrigan"

What do yall think? I know Mayer is unique but I don't feel like it's tacky and redneck.

Corrigan????? First off, HOW DID I MAKE THAT UP out of Victoria Morgan. Second off...Matt knows none of this and I keep saying "we love." third of all... i really do love Mayer, but I act as if im pregnant AND I have never thought about naming her Marion and calling her Mayer?? ANYWAYS

Oh, and one day last week I get an email that says "Thank you for registering your baby with Viacord." and im like "what? hold on? that sounds familiar.....Viacord??" I look it up ... and suddenly feel like I'm remembering a dream I had... "ohhhhhh yeah! The cord blood registry! .... wait... I'm not pregnant. I registered not an unborn child, but an UNCONCEIVED child."

This is my life on ambien. makes for good entertainment, but I gotta get off that stuff!!!! haha :)

Ok, it asked for detail. and 12am is slowly creeping up, so im gonna go play some farkle on facebook and head to bed. happy monday!!!


Thursday, September 16, 2010


sorry blog readers. i am too tired to blog. EXHAUSTED. i purposefully skipped yesterdays 30 day blog journal bc it was "a hobby of yours." i hate when people ask me what my hobbies are, bc i dont have any . haha and today's is "a recipe" so .. just go to and pick one. goodnight :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Day 19 - A Talent of Mine

I like to think that I have a bunch of little talents :) But one talent I have thats kinda funny is... i can remember songs and lyrics really well. Some of my highschool friends call me "" People I havent talked to in a long time will call me and leave me messages and be like "Britt! Who sings that song ... blah blah" I don't know why I can remember weird things like that. I can remember inside jokes and little things written in yearbooks that people are saying "what the HECK does that mean?"

Also. I am really good at directions. I only have to go somewhere once and I can go there any time without my GPS. and I have a pretty good sense of which way is which.

Hmm. I also can do a bunch of stupid human tricks like dislocate my shoulder. put my fist in my mouth. pull my eyelids out really far. you know. im just weird. :)

until tomorrow.


Monday, September 13, 2010


Day 18 - My Wedding Day

October 11, 2008.

I could go on and on and on about how perfect my wedding day was, but I think pictures are worth a thousand words. happiest day of my life so far :) i love being married and more importantly, i love being married to matt!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

day 17

day seventeen - an art piece

i dont really have a favorite artist. but i love so many different kinds of art! i could sit online all day and look at here are a few i've been eyeing from painter,
Leonid Afremov.

love this stuff!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Day 16 - A Song That Makes You Cry

Of course, I looked it up, so I could share it with you, and I am listening as I type with tears streaming down my face. I cannot listen to this song without crying, even if I listen to it 10 times in a row, I cry ten times.

Why? for one .. because its such a beautiful version!! who doesnt like mariah?? The entire arrangement is just moving! But I think the main reason is because it is my dad's favorite Christmas song. and every year, they sing it at church, and he cries. My dad is pretty emotional, I think that's where I get it from, but just something about holding a candle, on christmas eve, with dad's arm around me, and us both crying so much we can't even sing. oh gah, im crying now again. It is such a special song too, singing about what a glorious and rejoiceful moment that Jesus was born, and everything that means. phew. ok.. just listen and get in your best holiday mood!!

Hark! The Herald Angles Sing by Mariah Carey

Day Fifteen

Day 15 - Your Dream House

are you freakin' kidding me? i just looked up real estate in the place i thought my dream house would be. and i thought right. i
FOUND it. i wouldnt change anything about this. i love it and i want to move there tomorrow. only 10.5 mil? yeah, i'll get right on that.


8 bedrooms. 8 baths. 13,000 sq ft. Mountain view. 6 car garage.
description: This home's dramatic setting offers a comfortable living environment to a couple, as well as to a large group of family and friends. The floorplan, including a gourmet kitchen and great room, private master suite with adjoining office, media room, exercise room and a spacious entertainment area with access to the heated outdoor patios with heated pool and hot tub make this the perfect home for both summer and winter.

ummmmmmmmmmmm. ps- i am drooling as i upload these pics.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

matt's birthday

short and sweet. day 14-- a nonfiction book ? The Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz.

Ok, so we just got back from ATLANTA!! where i surprised matt by taking him to a John Mayer concert! :) His birthday isn't until Saturday but every year, so far, I've gotten him something he'd asked for, so this year I wanted to do something fun.

Wednesday morning he got up...went downstairs to make his coffee and found a card in the sugar cabinet that said something along the lines of ... "you do so much for much for us, that it's time for me to do something for you.. get done any important things at work because we're leaving at 2! " I had already told his boss I was kidnapping him so he didn't have to worry about work. We got in the car and he still didnt know where he was going. I said "we have to go get something from your mom's" and then when we pulled up she was standing in the driveway with all her bags. We were picking HER up! :) Matt was excited...then on the way there guessed correctly that we were going to a concert in Atlanta. He just didn't know who was going! :) So we got to Kelleigh's (his sister) new apartment in Buckhead and had some drinks and then we all ventured to the concert. It was SO MUCH FUN! John was amazing. We had a great time and then we went to a local bar til about 12:30. More fun than Matt and I have had in a while! And we were feeling the effects this morning too!!! woo!!! we cannot drink like we used to, that's for sure :)

So we're home. and having a relaxing night tonight. Tomorrow we're going to the JL Mann vs. Greenville high school football game. and then saturday, on matt's real birthday, we're going to watch all the good football games all day and have a little cookout that night. If you're in town, come over!! We're gonna have cookie cake :)

Ok, later tonight I'll post Day 15.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

day 13

day 13 - a fiction book

this is easy. i already told you. the best fiction book there IS is Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. it is amazing it is amazing it is amazing. I may read it again just because.

fall fashion

these are just a few of the things im lusting after this season...

i cant get the text right ... but the little black sweater number at the bottom is alittle treat that my fabulous mother-in-law bought me while shopping in highlands this past weekend. A BCBG treasure that was already on my wish list!

Monday, September 6, 2010


We're back from the mountains and we had a fabulous weekend!! Cindy and I went shopping on Sunday and I want to tell yall about something called, The Good Earth Pottery. (special thanks to megan ayers, for making it known to me.) Ok, so we went to this store in Highlands called The Hen House/The Speckled Hen, and they have this handmade pottery that is SO BEAUTIFUL! The brand is called The Good Earth Pottery and he is based out of Starkville, MS. Anyway, when Matt and I got married, we didn't pick out a china pattern because my grandmother has tons of sets to pass down to me eventually and we could think of other gifts we'd rather get. Long story short.. Cindy let me pick out a set of "patterns" that I love! I "registered" my name and pattern picks with them, and now my grandmother, mom, step mom, etc can get me a piece for christmas, my bday, etc. The website does NOT do justice to how beautiful these pieces look in person, but take a look and see if there's a location in your area!

The Good Earth Pottery

The patterns I picked (you can mix and match to make it more awesome, picking different patterns in the same type of colors) GINGER, AVALON, BIRCH, and SPARROW. now on to 30 day Blog Journal days that i missed.

Day 10 - a photo of you taken more than 10 years ago...

this was at our condo in Destin, FL when I was 4 years old. :)

Day 11 - A recent photo taken of you

So, this was at work last week. I have been working there since April and never put a wedding dress on. *not that i havent been dying to* haha. sometimes we just get such BEAUTIFUL things that i want to put them on and try them out. anyway, we were taking pictures of the store and needed a photo of paula "doing alterations" for the website... the ones we're going to use on the website are far away, you cant see my face, but Pam took one of me, just playing around. This is my FAVORITE dress in the store. It's a Rivini. and it's magical !

Day 12- Something I'm OCD About

I'm OCD about a lot of litle things, but the one thing Matt can't stand, and calls me OCD about all the time, is ... the bed sheets. They have to be perfect before I can sleep in them. If they are kinking up under me and not pulled really tight i make us both get up and fix them. I also pretty much make the bed before i get in it, because i want them to be perfect.

to name a few more ...

if im ever going to the bathroom in a bathroom with a shower next to the toilet, i have to open the shower curtain.

i can't sleep facing the inside of the bed. have to face outside.

i CANNOT sleep if any door is open (closet, bathroom, etc...) all the doors in the room have to be closed.

there are some more but im tired of thinking and i have to go make dinner now. until tomorrow... :)


Friday, September 3, 2010

what's going on and day 9

hey peeps! (havent used that word in ages) i have just been doing blog journal stuff so i thought i'd put a few thoughts and happenings.

Tomorrow is going to be a GREAT DAY! Clemson football starts :) and even though we're only playing a dinky team (North Texas) I am so exited. We're supposed to have great weather and as soon as I shut this mac, im going downstairs to make my huge batch of pimento cheese for the tailgate tomorrow :) After the game, we're going up to the mtn house in Highlands for Labor Day weekend with Matt's Mom, Cindy and her man, Don. It's supposed to be in the 60's on Sunday (shopping day for Cindy and I) and I am STOKED!!! I already picked out my jeans and cute sweater outfit for shopping day! Wohoo!!! So this weekend is going to be really fun!

Also, next week is Matt's 27th birthday, and I have a big surprise for him! Keep on the lookout for pictures and post about it, I can't reveal yet because I'm not telling him what it is until that day. But I'm SO SO SO excited about it! :) (no, im not pregnant, megans..haha!)

Anyway, since im going to be gone til Monday, I can't do my blog journal everyday. So lookout for 3 days in a row on Monday night ! Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC first weekend in September!


Day 9 - A Photo You Took

I love this picture of Annie and Matt (well, his legs). This was right when it was turning spring, in our lovely back yard :) and there's no doubt that I took this picture, bc you can see my shadow :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Day 8 - A Photo That Makes You Sad

Ok, so this photo doesn't bring me to tears. But it is really bittersweet. This was taken at the Clemson vs. GA Tech game in September 2006, in the student section at Death Valley. We were drinking cherry snow cones that we poured smirnoff minibottles in. and the tigers were winning. Every game I go to, I miss being a student!! Having that ENTIRE BLOCK of friends in the frat section.. knowing everyone... being able to drink vodka during the game (i said able, not allowed). now days, i can barely drink a few beers before the game.. it makes me so tired! i miss singing the alma mater, as a student, and going to band parties at the ski lodge when it was all said and done. i miss everyone coming to my tailgate at halftime to drink crown drinks and eat fatz chicken fingers. and i miss being able to slog back to the dorm and rehash the day with cathleen, my little cheerleader roommate. i miss going up to loose change after a game and matt being the bartender. and playing touch screen until i fell asleep back there. and i miss the smell of grease, beer, trash, and dank dogs, downtown clemson at 3am after a game. i miss it all.

not that my life bad now! I am in a whole new phase of life and i love it and i know that one day i will look back and miss all that is going on now, and wish i could re-live the days of no kids.. staying up til 2 everynight ... playing mario with matt for 3 hours on a week night ... hauling off and going up to the mtns at the last minute for a getaway weekend... cooking dinners for the two of us...buying our first car... working in the yard. etc etc etc.

i love everything about right now. but that doesnt mean i can't at least miss what was... college.

... here's a pic taken right after the one above :) love it. it makes me REALLY excited that football starts SATURDAY!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal.. Day 7

Day 7 - A Photo That Makes You Happy

One of the first pictures matt and i ever took. that summer, i would go to loose change (the bar...) underage..and watch matt play music. it was SUCH a carefree and fun time and i love thinking about how young and crazy we were :) This picture makes me really happy.