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Monday, September 24, 2012


Mary Tyler is 7 months old. Where has the time gone?! She is so much fun. It's very apparent that she knows her PARENTS now, haha. im funny. But really, she knows Matt and I so well and even reaches for us to hold her now :) Sweet little Monkey! She has a little bit of stranger anxiety but it hasn't become an issue yet. It's really off and on... sometimes I'll think she's definitely going to cry in a certain scenario and she just smiles and smiles and other times it's someone she's fairly familiar with and she will poke her little lip out and cry for a minute.

At her 6 mo appointment she was right on the verge of 18 lbs... now I'm sure she's around 20. She's definitely a little chunk. We took her to her first Clemson game last week. She was sleeping on a couch in the box and someone walked up and said "Aww, how old is she? About a year old?" I said "No, 7 months" and they said "Oh my gracious! That's the longest/tallest 7 month old I've ever seen!!" Haha She definitely looks really long when she's laying down. She is BARELY fitting in 6 month onesies... those snaps are SNUG. She can't fit in 6 mo sleepers anymore, her toes almost bust through the seams. So, she's basically wearing all 9 month clothing. Still in size 3 diapers. We recently switched from Pampers to Huggies bc I had a great coupon from Costco. We were kind of hesitant bc we tried huggies when she was really tiny and we did NOT like them. As for now, we love the Huggies!! It wicks away the moisture so much better than the Pampers did and it doesnt fill so heavy and huge when it's full.

Her schedule looks a little like this:

9:00 - Wake Up, Baby food w/ oatmeal, 6 oz bottle
10:15 - Nap
11:30/12 - Lunch - fruit and 6 oz bottle
2:00 - Nap
3:30 - 6 oz bottle
5:00 - Catnap
7:00 - Dinner - meat and veggie
8:30 - Bedtime, 6 oz bottle

She also has snacks through out the day. We recently introduced her to Puffs and she LOVES them. So far she's had Strawberry-Apple, Apple Cinnamon, and Blueberry. she loves them all, haha. She also eats yogurt bites and cookies and loves to drink cold water out of her sippy cup.

-she's started playing in the floor with toys since she can sit up on her own now. She likes anything that lights up/makes music.

-She loves to try to steal the remote from matt and me.

-She still LOVES her bath, mickey mouse clubhouse, and the dogs.

- She thinks Peek-a-boo is hilarious

- We play Patty Cake and sing The Wheels on the Bus. She loves both of those.

So far, she can say "mama" "dada" and "good." "Good" was actually her first word. She would say "guuuuh guuuuuh ooood ooooood" and now she says "guuuuu-oood" very drawn out. Haha. She obviously doesn't know what it means, she just mimics us. Almost every time she says "Mama" she says it really sweetly and quietly and when she says Dada she SCREAMS it. DAAAAAHHHH-DA! I can't wait til she actually knows what it means and calls us that :)

She is trying to crawl. She does a modified version of "the worm" where she lifts all limbs off the ground and rocks... it somehow moves her forward a little bit, its pretty funny to watch. She will push herself up into the crawling position and rock a little bit, but as soon as she tries to move forward her legs go back out to the sides and she splats. We can tell it's driving her crazy! This girl wants to move!

I am trying to teach her how to clap and wave. Today we went to a shower for my future sister-in-law, Janey, and Mary Tyler was the life of the party. She lifts her arm up and down really fast, but hasnt quite gotten the hang of waving her hand yet. At least she is trying! haha

I have a journal called "Mom's One Line a Day" that I write in every night. It has just enough space to write a little note about each day. Here are a few recent entries:

9/4: You copied Gigi and me today saying "Na na na na." You loved playing with Uncle Tyler & eating bananas and oranges for dinner. I can see outlines of your two bottom teeth!"

9/8: Sweet baby, you threw up for the first time tonight, and scared us! We were nervous you'd cuaght a bug but you havent done it again. Poor baby. I could tell it burned you. When you cry like that it breaks our hearts!

9/12: Today you went to the grocery store with me and rode in the cart for the first time. You want to grab EVERYTHING! You were good once I gave you a pack of crinkly wipes to play with.

9/13: You had your first big fall today. Daddy didnt strap you in your bouncy seat on the couch. He went in the kitchen to get something and you tried to escape and landed on the floor. He cried longer and harder than you did!

9/15: Today was your first Clemson game. I cried as I watched you watch the Tigers run down the hill. It was truly a full circle moment. I love you so much. It was fun to see you in orange!

If you're a mom, I HIGHLY recommend getting one of these. It's super easy bc its just a couple of sentences and I write in it every night before I turn my lamp off and go to bed. It' a 5 year journal. I got mine at Swoozie's. :)

We love you SO MUCH, Mary Tyler!!! I can't believe how quickly you're growing up. You are a blessing straight from God.