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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

just where she wants to be

matt sent me this today and said "how am i supposed to work all day with this thing lurking under my desk..."

ohhhhh my she! she likes it under there bc that's where matt's PC is and its all warm down their by the cords :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cheerleading and a very small amount of other things

i have been eating, sleeping, dreaming, and breathing cheerleading every since i was thrown into this whirlwind a couple of weeks ago. and i love it!! it is a lot of hard work but i have had fun working!!! between planning, scheduling, registering for coaching and rules clinics for SCHSL, creating a facebook group for tryouts, recruiting (including heading to a girls soccer game and begging them to try out bc we need athletes & facebook messaging middle schoolers), writing out a cheerleading constitution, practice rules and guidelines, try out score sheets, parents meeting info, flyers to go out to the middle schools, and a conditioning workout regimen for the next several weeks, i HAVE had a tiny bit of extra time to go out and do some fun things :)

matt and i went to myabi on friday night for date night. that's always fun. we love us some japanese food ! the saturday i went to work, then headed out for girls night dinner! :) we went to liberty taproom (who actually revamped their menu and got a new head chef and had some amazing food!) then headed to the ale house for a beer, and then finished up at Corner Pocket and had a lot of fun..

and the rain didn't stop us!! thank goodness for valet parking :)

i love my friends! :)

tomorrow is the first day of CONDITIONING for anyone who is interested in trying out for the squad the last week of april... i plan on them being able to stretch like THIS by the time i'm through with them :)

then HOPEFULLY in a few years time.. win state like we did in this video (this is Eastside in 2004-2005, the year after cathleen and i graduated... we drove down to columbia from clemson to watch and they won.. ahhh the good ol days. i'd show you our video from winning state but it was in 2002-2003 and youtube was nonexistant)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

no barking

my mom always tells about how when i was a baby she had the hardest time learning to let me cry myself to sleep. she says the pediatrician told her that it would be hard at first and she would feel terrible, but ultimately it was the best way to get me to start sleeping through the night and discipline me. she says for those first two nights she just sat outside my nursery door, crying just has hard as i was, and feeling like the worst mom ever letting her baby scream bloody murder for up to an hour after she put me down. but finally, after a few nights, my tiny human self realized it was time for sleep and wouldn't cry when she left.

today, i feel my moms pain.

our dogs are our children. we love them more than anything. we would do anything for them. including disciplining them :( they are terrible barkers. they bark when they see someone in the cul-de-sac, they bark when they hear a neighbor rolling their trash can down to the street, they bark when the doorbell rings, they bark when matt is on important business calls, etc. So the other day, when Whitney talked about her boy, Nimbus, having a bark collar. I thought, maybe we should try it?? So I texted Whit about it and she said that it was great! They got it for when Baby L was sleeping and Nim was barking and that it has worked! So today I ventured out and bought these..

oh my gosh. i swear, me and matt were breaking out into a nervous sweat as we opened the packaging and read the instructions. i've always been totally against them, thinking they weer "inhumane" but after researching them all day yesterday i realized, it really isnt. it's not a "shock" like a lot of people think, it's just an intense vibration. still, we were sad to put them on our dogs bc they were sitting there so sweetly looking at us.. not even barking. then two seconds after we had that thought, they were darted out the doggie door barking at the neighbor's kids. so we called them back inside and put them on. Cooper was ok, he went back out in the yard, barked a few times, and then suddenly stopped. Annie got hers on, barked once, and turned around real quick and looked at us like we'd just spanked her or something... then she barked again. and let out a squeal (she's a bit over dramatic) but the poor little thing broke my heart!!! she looked so confused and sad!! Like, "how could you let someone hurt me like that, mommy??" i felt SO BAD, but i can tell it's working!!! there's a dog barking outside right this second and my babies would normally be at the door barking but my house is as quiet as can be. It was sad a few minutes ago, when Annie woke up, she heard something and barked, then immediately yelped again! Poooooooor angel!!! I went up and loved on her and said "It's ok my sheeee, you are being SO GOOD! You're gonna learn not to bark!! Good girl!!" She doesnt seem sad or upset so I hope she's ok. pooooooor sheeee!! :(

Cooper hasn't had another encounter, yet. But at least if he barks, he doesnt cry after the jolt, he just stops. Annie shrieks like a tiny human "Brittney" in her crib..and I act like my mother, crying along with her and hoping she learns. Thanks for doing that Mom, it sure is hard!

here's to hoping the house stays quiet. the collars of course, will be taken off at night, and we will not make them wear them all the time, every day... they will learn after just a few weeks of wearing the collar not to bark and hopefully won't have to wear it as much. but i do think it's important to let them be dogs and go outside and bark sometimes!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a post a long time in the making!!!! (and it's actually long)

as most of you know ... i was a cheerleader in highschool. and not just any cheerleader, a State Champion cheerleader at a 5 time state winning school to be exact. see below:

Eastside meant so much to me, and it still does. I might be the only person I know who frequently says "I would love to go back to high school.. even if it was just for a week or two." I literally had the BEST time in high school. I loved every minute of it, and most of every minute was spent doing something related to cheerleading. Despite being state champions, we loved cheering for sports. football and basketball. and we had more school spirit than we knew what to do with. making banners, sponsoring football players, making them "signs," decorating locker rooms, performing at pep rallies, i lived for it all! cathleen and i would even go back to cheerleading competitions throughout our time in college. who am i kidding? we went back to one last october. we love it.

ANYWAY. you get the point, i think. so over the past few years i've been hearing that eastside's cheerleading program has been going down the tube. ever since my former coach, Kelley Robinson and my great friend and fellow cheerleader, Katie Ross Aughtry resigned three years ago from coaching, the program has been on the decline. I've felt so bad for the team. After you work so hard to build and keep traditions, it's really sad to hear about them being totally trashed. and it's not the teams fault really. its probably just been the fact that they havent had a coach who went to eastside, and knows the "standard." after all, Kelley came in and "saved" us after having a bad coaching experience. they hired her because she was a former Eagle and had won the state championship when she went there in 1998 and knew what it took to get there. She brought back "old school eastside" and took us back to where we needed to be.

Needless to say, I was sad to hear about their recent struggles. Cathleen and I went to the State Championship in November and Eastside hadn't even made it. A few weeks later I ran into some of my former teachers at a wedding. I talked to them and they told me more about what's been going on and I felt really bad.. so i drafted this email:

"Dear Mr. Feltz,

My name is Brittney *****. I was a part of the State Champion Cheerleading squad in 2002 and cheered under Coach Kelley Wilson Robinson from 2002 until I graduated in 2004. I was, and still am, very passionate about Eastside, and cheerleading. Kelley instilled in us the values of teamwork, reputation, and prestige.

Since I've graduated I've kept up with both, EHS and Cheerleading. With my younger brother and sister attending from 2004-2008, I've had a lot of inside connections with the squad, and remained close with Kelley and Katie up through their resignation. Recently, it's broken my heart to hear about the struggles the squad has gone through in the past few years.

I know you currently have a coach, and I certainly don't want to step on anyones toes, but I just wanted to let you know that I would love to do anything I can to help; be it, helping out with Varsity, a JV Squad, football only, basketball only, etc. If anything ever comes up, I would love to meet with you and discuss this further. Coach Susan Meadows and Coach Scott Erwin are good friends of mine, if you'd like to speak with them about me.

Also, my best friend, Cathleen *****, who cheered with me as well, would love to help. She is a first grade teacher in Greenville. She cheered at Clemson University, where we were roommates, and we still attend a bunch of local cheer competitions during the fall.

My email is ****and my phone number is ****. I live less than a mile from the school and could come meet with you whenever, if need be. Thank you for your time.



i drafted that in december. sent it to my mom for proofreading. she was like "thats good, send it!" but i never did. it was sitting in my draft box for two months. just kind of iffy about it. Then a random night, about 3 weeks ago, Scott Foster (our competition coach) who now owns and operates the VERY VERY successful Rockstar Cheer in greenville... facebook messaged me "call me." which was pretty random. so i called him and he's like "what are you doing now days? eastside needs a new coach. im close with the A.D. over there and he called to ask my opinion and I really think it needs to be someone who went to Eastside.. that Kelley and I coached...who knows what needs to happen. Bring tradition back. I was like, so caught off guard. I think i said "That sounds amazing, but I dont know how to be a coach??" He's like "I'll help you, you have so many resources, they need you, you can help bring them back, come on!" I said, "Ill at least meet with the AD I guess. Scott, this is SO WEIRD bc I wrote this email to him a few months ago but I never sent it!" He was like send it to him now, I'll let him know it's coming! So I did...

I went in for an interview, 2 weeks ago. I met with the new principal, the athletic director, and his assistant, who also happens to have a daughter on the squad. They told me everything. the good the bad and the ugly and we talked for over an hour. i left feeling pretty confident and they said they'd be in touch.

oh i almost forgot, after Scott called me. I immediately called Cathleen, who is my tiny bff and college roommate... did i mention she is awesome... look at the beauty ...

anyway, i coerced her into being my assistant coach. probably end up being more like co-coaches :) hip hip, hooray!! that is, if i got the job.

so tonight... after a LONG and stressful two week wait.. i got the call. and i got the job.

I'm the new Varsity Cheerleading Coach at Eastside :)

i know it's going to take a LOT of work. blood, sweat, and tears. time. dedication. heart. you name it... but i think this is a fantastic opportunity and i cant wait to get my hands on this team (not literally) but you know, i cant wait to help bring back tradition. try outs are in april. i cant believe I am in charge of picking a team!?! whoop whoop!!

Go Eagles! <3

Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 minutes inside my head

i am yet AGAIN copying my best friend, megan. her blog is just so lovely i cant help myself. if you read hers, too, this is going to sound VERY familiar, because best friends have very similar thoughts. when i read hers i was cracking up because we literally think all the same things, mostly. but megan, at least you CAN fall asleep so easily and you do. yall, she's out like a light in the drop of a hat. i think she fell asleep in mid-sentence at Valentine's Weekend in Highlands, haha! iiiiii, on the other hand. am still struggling with discontinuing my ambien use. WHICH BY THE WAY is so dumb bc i have to take it now, but it doesnt help me fall asleep at all? last night i went to bed at 4:15 am. arghhh! my doc just put me on some magnesium glycinate and i am switching it out with the ambien and HOPING to wean off. *fingers crossed*

anyway... this is my TRUE timeline of thoughts from last night when i was trying to go to sleep...

uggh i really wish matt was awake bc this sheet is ALL messed up under my foot and i would love to fix it, but he's too heavy

who cares im going to try anyway...

wont budge, so ill just push all these wrinkles under his feet. problem solved.

i need a pedicure

i wonder what the latest spring colors are? for nail polish? i kind of want yellow. my feet are too white for that...

i wonder what the weather is for tomorrow

*look up weather on my iPhone*

shoot, rain.

i mean, yes! rain! i have nowhere to be in the morning and i can sleep in to the sound of rain. but im mad bc saturday is supposed to be beautiful and i have to work.

work. i wonder what kinds of brides im going to be dealing with this week

i wonder who my next friend to get engaged will be

i hope they get a designer dress

i hope i get to pick it

ooh im going to nyc in may, maybe i will go see kleinfeld

YESSSSS brilliant idea!!!!

why does annie sleep in the bed with us but cooper's on the floor? does he love me? i wish he'd snuggle with me

maybe ill go see mimi in clemson tomorrow

maybe next week

i wonder exactly what matt and i will be doing one year from tonight. and how different our lives will be

im gonna start a journal

wait, my blog is like my journal and im way better at typing than writing

what if i was a writer for my job

i won a poetry contest once in 7th grade

it was called stars of lace

i wonder how my 7th grade mind thought of that name..and that poem

i love the smell of this lotion on my hands (Archipelago Botanicals MILK..amazing!) i think i'd bathe in this lotion

i wish i had a really big soaker tub .. i wonder how long we'll live in this house

i wish megan would move to greenville, for real.

we could do "wife" things every day and act like children-less stay at home mom's ..

matt said if i scratch his back every night for 100 nights straight he will ENTERTAIN the POSSIBILITY of the IDEA of MABYE having a baby ..

tonight made night 4..

he said if i miss one night, it resets.

shoot. my wrist hurts...i think i have carpal tunnel from back scratching. maybe annie will alternate nights with me, she's a good scratcher..

ambien is kicking in.

what if matt told me tomorrow he was ready for a baby?

i would probably be like wait wait wait wait i dont know yet . even though i ask for one a lot. am i really ready? is anyone ever ready? what about emily on the bachelor, she definitely wasnt ready for little ricky

ricky.. terrible baby name...

baby names.. .ooh ooh! let me check on my baby names list

ok good, they're all still intact and no one, so far, has stolen one. should i blog about my top baby names?

no way! what are you thinking? someone will get preggo before you and use it, and although you'd be flattered that you helped them think of a name, now you cant use it on your own child!!

future child..


i really really want to make some banana bread tomorrow.

i think i will

why do people put nuts in things like banana bread and cookies? nuts aren't that great

im gonna go to the car wash tomorrow

its SO HOT in here... WHYYY? *immediate FURY of throwing off the covers and turning the fan on high... sometimes stomping to the thermostat and turning it OFF*

maybe if i concentrate really super hard on what i want to dream about it, then i will .. "

then i fall asleep. and dream about something TOTALLY bonkers and crazy and nothing to do with what i wanted to dream about. and wake up to matt's robot alarm clock going off, but in my dream its like .. an alien spaceship coming down to try to pick up cooper with a red laser beam and im screaming trying to get him not to go but they have a giant pack of twizzlers trying to lure him in. he loves twizzlers. that was a REAL dream i had by the way. ohhhhh brothers. that was so random but all of it. true. happy thursday yall, one more day til your weekend!!



Sunday, March 6, 2011

an adult decision

so. matt and i are terrible savers. we both have pretty much the same financial brain ..if we have money, we spend it. i really do feel like, i dont want to be "cheap" we are not promised tomorrow and we want to have fun and do things we enjoy while we have the money to do it. WITH THAT BEING SAID ... we have to be smart. ugh. im the money manager in our family, and i'm a little better than matt is as far as knowing what we have to start with, what he have to pay, what we have left, etc. heaven forbid i send him to the grocery store. he goes with a list of 4 things i need and he comes back after spending $200 and is like "look! i found gushers!" ...a long with about a million other unnecessary items:) he's like "it'l'l be fiiiiine! we really neeeeded this magic button fixer and grill scrubbing brush" haha

anyway, we want to have a family, eventually, and we need to have money in the bannnnk! SO i am putting on my big girl panties and saying "nevermind" to our 3 year anniversary "extravaganza." i think i posted on here a while back about how we were hoping to go on a cruise, or maybe even to mexico to the same resort where we honeymooned, this october for our 3 yr anniversary. we planned on paying for this cruise with tax return $$. however i think it is the smart thing to do, to put all the tax return money in a savings account and take our usual anniversary trip to Highlands this year. which there is NOTHING wrong with because we loving going up there, especially in the fall ! and we get to stay there for free because i have the best grandparents ever :)

heres our first anniversary in highlands..

and our second... which we only took about 2 pictures total all weekend bc we both got TERRIBLE stomach viruses, definitely an unforgettable anni...

so.. we get to go on a really fun, week long, family vacay to Isle of Palms this June, and probably a quick beach trip in July as well, so dont worry, we will get in our beach time.

i know i dont personally know a lot of you readers, and i guess this post is more so a "brag board" to all my family and friends that KNOW ME, to say "Aren't you proud of my adult decision?" it's very "un-brittney" of me.

how surprised are you, dad?? :)

love you blog world. i promise to have a better post later this week.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

lady gaga

i love lady gaga. but have you SEEN the new born this way video???! i was going to post in on my blog. but it was way too much. i love this song and the lyrics to the song and the meaning behind the song!! so i'll just leave you with the cover that this little girl did. beautiful!! she was on ellen last week and lady gaga invited her to perform at one of her concerts in canada next month :)