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Monday, May 21, 2012

Munks is 3 months old!

Mary Tyler turned 3 months old on  May 16th. It's so crazy how fast time goes by, but at the same time, it feels like we've had her our whole lives and cannot remember what life was like without her.

EATING: It has been a crazy month as far as breastfeeding goes. I planned on doing a whole post about it, but basically, she went through a growth spurt around 10 weeks, at the same time as I went through a "supply drought" and we had to start supplementing. I took fenugreek and pumped every 3 hrs for about 10 days and still couldn't increase my supply. Right before Mothers Day I was nursing her still at night or in the morning (but only once a day) and then I got sick. As soon as my fever spiked at 102.4 it seemed that every drop of milk I had in me dried right up and I knew it was time to let it go. It was A TERRIBLY HARD decision for me to make, and I cried about it many nights, but I had to learn that Mary Tyler is a healthy, happy baby... I gave breastfeeding a valiant effort, and she did so great with it for the first 3 months of her life, I did the best I could do. With our next baby I plan on pumping a lot more at the beginning so I can go ahead and start a good stockpile of milk in the freezer. Right now, she is taking 5, 6oz bottles a day. Just recently, shes not been finishing a full 6 oz, so tomorrow I am going to try giving her 5 oz at a time.

SLEEPING: We put her down anytime from 10-11:30. For a while there she was sleeping a solid 12 hours. (11 to 11, basically) now she sleeps anywhere from 10-11 hrs. usually I put her down at 10:30 and she gets up around 9:15. She is such a good sleeper!! She takes abotu a 2 hr nap from 10:30-12:30 and then a little catnap in the evening around 6. She just dozes off for about 30-45 min.

Newest "tricks:" she rolled over!!! She rolled over for the first time last Monday night (May 14, two nights before her 3 mo bday) from her tummy to her back. She did it three times in a row. Now she'll do it almost anytime I put her on her tummy. She loves to do a mini-push up and arch her back real hard then she just drops her head to one side or the other and rolls right on over. She's just started holding toys and her paci. Also, Mom got her to "cackle" laugh one time. I was in the bathroom and I missed it. She's starting to squeal and smile a little more every day though, so I know that belly laugh is coming soon!

Sick: As I mentioned before, I was SO SICK last week (and still am, just no fever anymore). Mary Tyler got a little bit of it and had a runny nose and red, watery eyes for a few nights. We got a Nose Frida (if you dont have one, get one) that thing is a miracle worker!! So much easier and more efficient than the little green snot sucker ball they give you at the hospital. I felt SO BAD that she got sick but she seemed to not mind at all. It hasn't affected her sleeping or eating and she's acted totally fine. So, her first time being sick hurt mommy a lot more than it hurt her.

Things she loves:
- Leo the Lion (toy)
- Sophie Giraffe (toy)
- Cuddling! She's such a sweet cuddler. Anytime she's holding a blanket or her lovey (bunny) she snuggles it up next to her face and closes her eyes.
- Cooing . She talks like a monkey a lot. "Ooooh ooooh ooooh"
Hence her nicknames: Monkey, Munks, Munk, Munchkin, Munch, Chicky, Baby Girs (we mostly call her Munks right now.. it just stuck)
- She's started noticing the dogs. Cooper more than Annie. He comes and stands near her and she stares so intently.
- Being naked and bath time. She LOVES bath time. We got her a new tub and she's more emerged in the water than before. She absolutely loves it. I cant wait to take her to the pool this summer.
- Sitting her bouncy seat and watching...
- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She has a huge crush on Mickey (just like her friend, Ella Bryce) as soon as he comes on the tv she smiles SO Big and acts shy. It's really cute. She also seems to really like Daisy.
- She likes watching Baby Einstein "Barnyard" on mom's iPad.
- Going outside. Whenever I walk her around outside she silently stares at everything. She loves it.
- Her Paci (Gumdrops only, she gags on Nuks and Mams)
- Her changing table. She kicks and gets "hyper" and coos and plays. She loves getting her diaper changed, now. I think because it involves her being naked.

- Being hungry. Especially in the morning when Matt's making her bottle. She screams at him... "Hurry Up, Dad!!"
- Starting to notice her fussy when she's got a wet diaper now
- Getting bored. She'll have so much fun in one spot for a while (playing on her rainforest mat, watching Mickey in her bouncy seat) but the second she's over it, SHES OVER IT! She wants to get it up and GO!  like her Daddy, she is not content to just lay there and relax like her mom :)
- Her rock 'n play sleeper. We used it too much. We put her in there ALL the time. While we make bottles, while we eat dinner, etc. She's learned that whenever we put her there, she's not involved in what's going on and she gets pissed. Wants to be center of attention already :) She used to love that thing.
- getting HOT! She's just like me on this one. The back of her neck gets sweaty first (like me and my mom) and then she gets super fussy and annoyed. Gotta keep her cool!

We love our little Munks SO MUCH! I will post more this month, I promise. I need to put some videos and pics up asap :)