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Monday, September 6, 2010


We're back from the mountains and we had a fabulous weekend!! Cindy and I went shopping on Sunday and I want to tell yall about something called, The Good Earth Pottery. (special thanks to megan ayers, for making it known to me.) Ok, so we went to this store in Highlands called The Hen House/The Speckled Hen, and they have this handmade pottery that is SO BEAUTIFUL! The brand is called The Good Earth Pottery and he is based out of Starkville, MS. Anyway, when Matt and I got married, we didn't pick out a china pattern because my grandmother has tons of sets to pass down to me eventually and we could think of other gifts we'd rather get. Long story short.. Cindy let me pick out a set of "patterns" that I love! I "registered" my name and pattern picks with them, and now my grandmother, mom, step mom, etc can get me a piece for christmas, my bday, etc. The website does NOT do justice to how beautiful these pieces look in person, but take a look and see if there's a location in your area!

The Good Earth Pottery

The patterns I picked (you can mix and match to make it more awesome, picking different patterns in the same type of colors) GINGER, AVALON, BIRCH, and SPARROW. now on to 30 day Blog Journal days that i missed.

Day 10 - a photo of you taken more than 10 years ago...

this was at our condo in Destin, FL when I was 4 years old. :)

Day 11 - A recent photo taken of you

So, this was at work last week. I have been working there since April and never put a wedding dress on. *not that i havent been dying to* haha. sometimes we just get such BEAUTIFUL things that i want to put them on and try them out. anyway, we were taking pictures of the store and needed a photo of paula "doing alterations" for the website... the ones we're going to use on the website are far away, you cant see my face, but Pam took one of me, just playing around. This is my FAVORITE dress in the store. It's a Rivini. and it's magical !

Day 12- Something I'm OCD About

I'm OCD about a lot of litle things, but the one thing Matt can't stand, and calls me OCD about all the time, is ... the bed sheets. They have to be perfect before I can sleep in them. If they are kinking up under me and not pulled really tight i make us both get up and fix them. I also pretty much make the bed before i get in it, because i want them to be perfect.

to name a few more ...

if im ever going to the bathroom in a bathroom with a shower next to the toilet, i have to open the shower curtain.

i can't sleep facing the inside of the bed. have to face outside.

i CANNOT sleep if any door is open (closet, bathroom, etc...) all the doors in the room have to be closed.

there are some more but im tired of thinking and i have to go make dinner now. until tomorrow... :)



  1. I'm funny about the sheets, too! I make Kris get out of bed almost EVERY NIGHT and he gets so frustrated... but nothing's worse than wrinkled up sheets...or when one person has all of the sheets and all you have is the duvet!!

  2. haha i will think it can deal with it and then literally about a minute after matt lays down i'll go "babyyy??" and he's like "ughhh!!!" he already knows. :)

  3. I'm so glad you found the link to the pottery! I LOVE your patterns!!!! They look just like you! :) Now our little babies can eat their food off of matching plates when we live next door to each other :)