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Sunday, September 19, 2010


sorry! i skipped a LOT of days! we had a busy (but fun) week. now i am exhausted and about to go to bed but wanted to catch up on my 30 day blog journal that i've been neglecting... I'll pick up with today ... day 25. dont worry.. the one's i skipped were pretty boring anyway :)

Day 25 - My Day (in great detail)

8:15 - my alarm goes off and i hit snooze about a zillion times. that's how long i need to REALLY wake up

9:15 - get out of bed. put on my clothes for work. brush my teeth. go over my hair with the straightener a little and put on some make-up.

9:40 - stop by matt's office and give him a kiss (he works in the bedroom next to ours, haha) run downstairs. feed the dogs. give them a kiss. grab my sandwich that i made the night before. run out the door. eat my sandwich on the way to work.

10 - get to work. clean up the store (ex.: put dresses up from the day before, wipe mirrors, straighten the wedding room, etc.)

somewhere between 10 and 1 - chat with Anna (the italian seamstress at work who is basically like my 2nd mother) answer phones, file invoices, wait for the UPS man, when he gets there, open boxes, see the pretty dresses people ordered, call and tell people their dress is here, put them in dress bags, write an info card, and put their dress in the back. place orders, ship out of town bridesmaids dresses, cut lace, fax orders, answer not-so-smart questions on the phone (ex.: "hey, do you guys rent out wedding dresses?" or "hi, just wondering if you buy used wedding dresses?") umm sort hangers? work with brides, mothers, bridesmaids, etc. go get people lunch. or go to the post office and get stamps. you name it, i do it. (IT SAID DETAILS PEOPLE!)

1 pm - eat lunch with Paula, Vu, and Anna. everyday. if it's 1 pm. we are heating up our lunches, and whatever piece of fruit Anna brought (yes, she brings one every day) she gives me half. I really like it when she brings pears :) yumm. Anyway, they make fun of me bc i eat a turkey sandwich like, every day. and i make fun of them bc they eat the same things too... Anna- chicken, green beans and peppers, a piece of fruit. Vu- RICE! everyday!!!! sometimes soup or vietnamese noodles. but ALWAYS rice. Paula - a chicken leg. or a hard boiled egg. seriously.

1:30-5:30 - do everything I mentioned before.

5:30 - drive home. usually stopping at either the tanning bed. the grocery store. or maybe taco casa if im lucky :)

6 pm - get home. say hey to matt. sit on the floor and talk to Cooper. he misses me a lot when im gone so i have to give him special attention when i get home. then do randomness like clean up kitchen, play angry birds on my phone, sweep the porch, cut the dogs nails, haha . whatev

6:45 - cook some dinner if matt's lucky :)

7- we eat. i watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy !

8-11 .. do whatever. includes ... facebooking, blogging, watching reality tv, playing matt on wii, watching football, doing some laundry, etc etc.

11- make matt's coffee and set the maker for 8:30. and everynight think "man i wish i could have caffeine." i'd love to actually DRINK a cup of what i make every. single. night. (sidenote: i cant have any caffeine due to my heart condition) make my turkey sandwiches (if i have to work the next day) give cooper his medicines. give annie a treat, too. tell matt to get off his computer game and come get in bed with me to watch HGTV. then lay on my computer for about an hour before he actually comes to bed.

12- take my ambien. say weird things to matt sometimes. watch house hunters. literally, i watch hgtv, everynight. unless that stupid holmes on homes is on. then i watch bravo or tlc. :) turn off the tv once the sound gets annoying. turn on our sleep machine (cannot sleep without it!) and then a lot of times, do weird things like go on Baby Name forums on my iPhone and write things like this ....

September 17th, 1:32 am

"We want/need to incorporate my grandmothers name into our daughter's. Our first choice is "Marion Lynn" and calling her "Mayer!" we love Mayer! Maybe even just Mayer Lynn Bolt.

Other option is "Victoria Morgan Bolt" and call her "Corrigan"

What do yall think? I know Mayer is unique but I don't feel like it's tacky and redneck.

Corrigan????? First off, HOW DID I MAKE THAT UP out of Victoria Morgan. Second off...Matt knows none of this and I keep saying "we love." third of all... i really do love Mayer, but I act as if im pregnant AND I have never thought about naming her Marion and calling her Mayer?? ANYWAYS

Oh, and one day last week I get an email that says "Thank you for registering your baby with Viacord." and im like "what? hold on? that sounds familiar.....Viacord??" I look it up ... and suddenly feel like I'm remembering a dream I had... "ohhhhhh yeah! The cord blood registry! .... wait... I'm not pregnant. I registered not an unborn child, but an UNCONCEIVED child."

This is my life on ambien. makes for good entertainment, but I gotta get off that stuff!!!! haha :)

Ok, it asked for detail. and 12am is slowly creeping up, so im gonna go play some farkle on facebook and head to bed. happy monday!!!


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