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Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am posting this just 3 days before Mary Tyler turns 11 months. Will there ever be a month when I can say it hasn't been "crazy?" Ha. I'm just going to combine these. LOTS GOING ON! Between 7 Christmases, New Years, Selling our house, buying a new house, packing, MT starting MMO, and work, it has been...CRAZY.

Food: You will eat anything and everything we give you. You even ate collard greens on new years day and you loved them. you LOVE: mini corndogs (cut up), mac n cheese, grilled cheese, fruit purees, annie's cheddar bunnies, yogurt, & green beans to name a few.

Sleep: You are sleeping 14 hrs a night and a two hour nap. You go to bed between 7-8 and wake up between 9-10. Nap from about 1:30-3:30. You dont really let me rock you anymore. You just drink (or dont drink you bottle) and then turn your head and wiggle until I put you down. You like to fall asleep on your own. As soon as I lay you down, you turn to your tummy and ball up. You still have to have your sound machine on, pitch black dark, two blankets, 4 loveys, and a lot of pacis in there.

I took you to the Dr on 12/20/12 to get flu booster shot and you weighed 22lbs 4oz.

You got your first tooth on 12/11/12! (bottom left) and your second tooth just came in on 1/11/13, a month later! You are MUCH less fussy than you were last month. You have been so sweet. You will do "little indian girl" (wah wah wah wah), say and wave bye bye, SOMETIMES when i ask what the cow says you say "mmmmmm," you turn the pages of books and are paying attention when i read them to you (for the most part). You LOVE baths still. When I am getting ready in the morning you crawl to the bathtub, stand up, and start hitting it excitedly like you want to get in. You push your toys and walk behind them! The other day you stood up by yourself for about 5 seconds. You were holding onto the refrigerator door and when i closed it you stayed standing there until you realized you werent holding onto anything and sat down real quick :) . I think you'll be walking pretty soon! You FINALLY signed "more" yesterday when Daddy kept you. You did it once for me tonight but not as good as you did it for him last night.

Here are some entries from your journal over the past two months:

Dec 19- You are getting so close to clapping. you clap toys together but wont do just your hands. when we say "no no, my she" to annie, you wave like we do (pointing our finger).

Dec 23- We had Christmas in Clemson today. Grandy Sr. and Mimi gave you a college fund and told us about it by giving us a graduation cap Grandy for you (complete w/ tiger paw stickers) for when you graduate from Clemson. I cried and cried. we are so blessed!

Dec 26- We went to Taco Casa with Suzy and Yates. He kept giving you kisses and youd laugh. We went back to their new house and yall played and had fun.

Dec 28- Today you said "nigh nigh" when I said its time to go night night! Sweet angel.

Jan 3- We had a "home day." We played, watched Bubble Guppies, ate snacks, both took a two hour nap, went to bilo, and made supper. I love hanging out with my angel!

Jan 7- Today was your first day at Mothers Morning Out at First Pres. The teacher said you were "pretty good" but fussed when the other babies cried, ha. you were SO sleepy when i picked you up!

We love you TOOT!