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Monday, September 27, 2010

"insanity" insanity

so. last monday, i had a major heart freak out at work. went to an emergency visit to the cardio. couldnt really find a sturdy explanation for what was going on, until matt mentioned that we'd been doing the work-out "insanity" the previous week. turns out when you have my condition and a doctor tells you to "exercise" they mean a brisk walk not a get-your-heartrate-up-to-200bpm-and-stay-there-for-crazy-amounts-of-time. SO i will not be doing insanity again.

needless to say. i do need some better nutrition in my life. and i am always low on energy due to low blood flow. ive been doing a lot of research on a program called "shakeology" which is advertised on the end of the insanity dvds. i got in contact with a guy who sent me some samples recently and i cant tell you how much it did for me at work the next day!!! it was AMAZING the difference in energy level i had. and not bad energy... for example... i cant drink caffeine, so if i had a coffee or something, i get that jittery, my hearts going to explode, nervous energy. but this was just as natural as can be, didnt feel anything except not tired like i usually am.

i had the "greenberry" shake before work that day. mixing it with blueberries, blackberries, strawberry yogurt, orange juice, and ice. it wasn't DELICIOUS but it wasnt enough to make me stop drinking it. (and im a gagger...that protein crap matt drinks makes me want to vomit). anyway, tomorrow morning i am trying to "chocolate" shake which i will mix with milk, banana, peanut butter, and ice. sounds good! i encourage you to read about it!!!! and i'll let you know if i end up ordering the whole system. if i can tell a noticeable different tomorrow morning, too, i will most definitely be doing just that.

here is what all you would have to eat to get the equivalent nutrition contained in ONE SHAKE with shakeology:

a bowl of exotic fruit
4 cups raw broccoli
7 carrots
10 cups raw cauliflower
3 cups romaine lettuce
4 cups uncooked mushrooms
3 raw onions
A cup of peas
4 cups radishes
4 cups nonfat yogurt
and 1 shot of wheatgrass

it's SO good for you and makes you feel great! check it out here: shakeology

happy monday! -b

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  1. aww I wish we were together so we could do our "brisk walks" together!! Let me know what you think of those shakes...I think I may have to try them! Love you little!