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Monday, July 23, 2012

Holy 5 Month Old!

This is crazy. Is my child really going to be half a year old in just 3 weeks?! What in the world!

She is the sweetest, silliest, stubbornest, most lovable little baby in the world.

Here's the latest:

Still no teeth. It HAS to be close. Drool has increased. I can't tell if pain has increased because she got an amazing Baltic Amber teething necklace (Thanks to Suzy and Yates!) and it has helped with her pain and fusiness tremendously! I can tell it still must be causing some pressure bc she is gnawing on her hands more than ever before and also loves when matt or I give her our knuckle to chomp down on. Ouch!

I finally feel that she knows who we are now. She doesn't reach for us yet, but she definitely gives us a huge, gummy smile when she sees us. If a stranger is holding her, she is totally content (doesnt cry or fuss, yet) but the second one of us goes back to get her from said stranger she smiles really big and acts happy to be back with a familiar face. She's also noticing Cooper and Annie now. She will watch them walk through the room and when they stop and sit down she smiles really big. She grabbed Coopers jowls the other day, really hard, I got nervous he would wimper or get mad but he just sat there and cut his eyes at me, like, "Mom.... really? This is what I get now that she finally notices me? A big ol' pinch??" Cooper has always loved her. He follows us wherever we go in the house and has to be in the same room as her. Annie has always ignored her. She acts indifferent. Now that Mary Tyler notices Annie, Annie seems to be noticing her. She will try to cuddle with her, but is usually a little too rough. I have to constantly supervise these "cuddles" so they aren't too rough with each other.

Mary Tyler is LOVING food. She mostly loves fruit, including: apples, peaches, pears, mangos, and bananas. She really likes carrots and sweet potatoes. She kind of likes squash and peas. She barely likes green beans, but we're working on it. I can't wait til I can start giving her puffs and/or cookies. She's already such a good eater. I hope she's not picky. Any advice from other moms on this food stage??

She's sleeping anywhere from 8-12 hours. It was a solid 12 hours for a LONG time, and for that I am grateful. Now, she usually goes down between 8 and 9 and wakes up anywhere from 7 to 9. I will say that everytime she's up at 7, she's escaped from her swaddle. If she sleeps til 9, she is still snuggly swaddled. Therefore, I think her busting loose is whats waking her up. We've tried everything. The miracle blanket is way too small at this point but they dont make them in a bigger size. We've pinned, taped, tucked, and just about everything in between but we have a little escape artist on our hands. The Swaddle Me size large is still too big and she gets her arms up through the neck hole and pushes it down. Any suggestions on this?!?! I'm thinking of getting her this little guy.... The main reason she escapes is because she holds her legs up in the air for a while and then starts kicking furiously, even in her sleep, and since the length of the blanket is actually too small, it kicks the whole freakin' thing down. So I feel like this will solve that bc even if she kicks, the arms stay swaddled (which is the main thing we need to stay secure). I  would love ANY TIPS on this subject. We've tried just a sleep sack (arms free) twice and she wakes herself up within an hour and it continues.

- Her jumparoo, the walker her Grams (Susie) got her, her playmat
- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Obsessed. Has a crush on Mickey.
- Sometimes she'll watch Bubble Guppies, but she really loves MMC.
- BATHTIME. Water. Pool. etc.
- Going outside (as long as its not too hot) Whenever she gets grumpy all I have to to is walk up to the window and let her look out or walk around outside with her.
- Toys... especially new ones or ones she hasnt seen in a while. She is FASCINATED with everything. Actually, it doesnt even have to be a toy. Yesterday she started/played with at a Dasani water bottle for a good 15 minutes. She's SO curios about everything right now.
-Snuggling/Cuddling. I still take naps with her and she insists on burrowing up right beside me and wants to be holding my hand/finger.
- Her taggies blanket that Anna made her
- Baby Massage. I studied up on how to do it, and she LOVES IT!

- Being hot. Hates it. Has a meltdown. It's bad.
- Green Beans
- Getting her diaper changed when she's "hyper." She doesn't like to sit still.

Finally, she went to the beach for the second time. Really it was like the first bc it was too cold the first time we went.  We went to Pawley's with Matt's family and Barry's family. It was SO MUCH FUN! Most days she stayed outside in a little tent for about 30 minutes and then Matt would go inside with her. It was really too hot for her to enjoy it. She can't sit up on her own yet so someone always had to be holding her, we were sandy, and she was hot. Luckily, my husband is AMAZING (and also afraid of the sun and sand) and stayed inside with her from about 11-4 everyday so Mommy got a real "vacation" and got to soak up some rays. I was looking pretty Vampire-esque before the beach trip. We had a fabulous first summer vacation as a family!! Here are some beach pictures:

The professional 5 month pictures that her Aunt Lollie took will be ready later this week and I will post some... Here are a few recent pictures:

We love you, Munks!!!!