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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tyler & Janey

Check out how PRECIOUS my brother and future sister-in-law are !!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Cant wait for the wedding November 3rd!

Monday, June 25, 2012


At her 4 month Dr.'s appointment she weighed 15 lbs 15 oz and was 25.5 inches long.

She's in the 88th percentile for height, 51st for weight, and 40th for head size, haha. Little peanut head.

She is very long!!! 6 month clothes are even starting to get too short. Yikes!! This is a predicament bc they are still very baggy around the chest, so if I have to move her to 9 mo clothes they will swallow her!!! Luckily, it's summer and she's still fitting in bubbles and onesies pretty well, for now.

Eating: Still eating 6 oz. every 3 hours (give or take). She is now having a bowl of rice cereal before her bath and bedtime bottle. She doesn't really love it, but doesn't hate it. I think she'll like it much better once it's mixed with some fruits or veggies! 

Sleeping: She was sleeping 9 to 9 like clockwork.  A few times last week she woke up at 5:30 or 6:30. She was recovering from a virus though, and she's teething, so I think that was it.  The past few days she's gotten up at 9:30 still. She takes a morning nap from 10:30 to 12:30 and I usually take it with her. (dont judge me, its the last time I'll be able to do it, once I have another baby, naps will be ancient history). 

Milestones, Likes, and Dislikes:

- She is SO CLOSE to rolling over from back to stomach. She tries SO HARD. She's almost mastered the art of kicking her leg over, now its just a matter of getting that shoulder to follow! 

- She started laughing. She hasn't done it much, but she knows how. 

- She SCREAMS now. Not because of anger but just bc she loves the sound of her voice. She yells.

- She doesn't babble yet but she goes "Goooo, gooooo, goooooo" or "ooooh, oooooh, ooooooh." We are working on Mama and Dada :) 

- She now holds Sophie (and other toys) and puts everything in her mouth.

- She found her feet the other day and was sucking on her toe.

- She escapes from the swaddle almost every night. I went to buy buy baby today and bought her large size swaddle me sack's to try to help this problem.

- She does not like to just sit in her bouncy seat or rock n play. She wants to GO! She wants to be held and walked around. She likes to look in the mirror or go outside.

- She still LOVES Mickey Mouse. Even if she's grumpy, as soon as Mickey comes on she smiles huge and starts cooing at him.

- She loves being naked. and baths. She kicks and splashes everywhere in the bath tub now. It gets everything soaking wet. We may have to move to the big bath soon. 

- She gets really hot and sweaty. Esp on her neck line like mom and me. She doesn't like being hot. 

- She got a new carseat today. She's almost too long for her infant carrier, CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! She got a Britax Marathon 70. A red one. Snazzy. We got red bc my color choices were: pink w/ brown polka dots, red, and black striped. I chose red bc she hates to be hot and the sales associate reminded me that black would be a lot hotter. The pink was just, bleh. 

- Nicknames: Munks and Tootie. I started calling her Tootie whenever she toots while im holding her and now I cant stop. Poor child may never know her real name. haha

I feel like im forgetting something big but am too tired to function right now. Ill blog more if I remember. 

On her actual 4 month birthday she woke up with a red puffy eye. I took her across the street to see our neighbor, Julie, who is a nurse, and she told me she needed to be seen TODAY. She thought she had an eye infection.  I called her Pediatrician and explained her symptoms and they sent us right over to the Emergency Room. Turned out she was fine. She just had a virus on top of bad teething. Poor Munks! Here she is at the hospital:

We are headed to the beach on Friday and I'll be sure the blog about it asap. Hope you're having an enjoyable of a summer as we are! :) 

Monday, June 11, 2012

It didn't take her long...

Mommy got to hear that sweet laugh tonight :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Giggle, giggle

Last night, at Tsunami for mom's birthday, Matt was talking to Mary Tyler as we were all getting ready to say goodbye at a different table than the rest of us. Next thing we know, we look over and he has tears in his eyes and laughing at the same time saying "COME HERE! SHE'S LAUGHIN'! SHE'S CRACKIN' UP!" We went over there and I had missed the first, loud "cackle" laugh. She still hasnt done it since, I'm sad I missed it but happy that it's just around the corner. Matt was so proud, he's been trying to get her to laugh every night for about a week now, and he finally accomplished his goal (hence, the tears). He's a sweet Daddy :) My Munks is sweet, too!

First Trip to the Pool

Last weekend (June 3rd) we took Mary Tyler to the pool for the first time. I was so nervous she was going to hate the cold water, but Matt assured me she'd be fine and plunked her right in and she seemed to love it. Didnt cry and didnt smile, but just looked amazed and like she was taking it all in. She is still a little too small for her float but she had fin wading around with daddy. She only stayed in for about 5-10 minutes then got sleepy and slept on her dad in the shade the rest of the time. (She's like him I guess, sun makes her sleepy). I took her back again yesterday and we sat in the baby pool. She liked it, but again, went right to sleep when we got out. Maybe it's because we always bathe her right before bed, guess water relaxes her :) Hope she's ready for the beach in 3 weeks, I know we are!!!