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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Day 19 - A Talent of Mine

I like to think that I have a bunch of little talents :) But one talent I have thats kinda funny is... i can remember songs and lyrics really well. Some of my highschool friends call me "" People I havent talked to in a long time will call me and leave me messages and be like "Britt! Who sings that song ... blah blah" I don't know why I can remember weird things like that. I can remember inside jokes and little things written in yearbooks that people are saying "what the HECK does that mean?"

Also. I am really good at directions. I only have to go somewhere once and I can go there any time without my GPS. and I have a pretty good sense of which way is which.

Hmm. I also can do a bunch of stupid human tricks like dislocate my shoulder. put my fist in my mouth. pull my eyelids out really far. you know. im just weird. :)

until tomorrow.



  1. hahaha! That is so true! You do have many talents and you amaze me by how much you remember from High school! You'll be the one telling all the stories at our high school reunion b/c nobody else can remember anything except you!

  2. Do you remember when we absolutely KILLED IT at TD's doing "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night our Sophomore year, only to have the Derby Days Karaoke title stolen from us by the ShadyPi's?

    Yeah, that was messed up. But we KILLED. IT.

    I was proud :)

  3. yeah whit that was awesome!!! after the craziness of practicing "Tush" for like 2 hours on the hall .. and then someone else was singing it. ugh. stupids. we had that won !