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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

go away!

30 day blog journal is making me mad. i find myself avoiding blogging on purpose nowadays bc 30 day blog journal is ANNOYING ME!!!!!! so here's my last day of 30 day blog journal, even though its really only like, post 2o or something?

day "who cares" - what's in your purse?

literally.. i am sitting here with my purse, pulling stuff out to tell you..

- wallet
- iPhone
- keys
- lifesavers wintergreens
- Big Red gum
- random receipts (taco casa, petsmart, and homegoods to be exact)
- a bottled water
- MAC lipgloss
- black eyeliner
- one angel wing earring that i lost the other
- a coupon i got in the mail for a free pair of PINK panties from Victoria's Secret, wohoo!
- some bobbie pins
- parking passes to the garage i park in for work
- a greek "evil eye" and cross charm that is on a safety pin, pinned to the lining of my purse by my boss to keep bad spirits away from me :) (my bosses are greek)
- a tiny johnson and johnson's lotion
- a roll-on perfume called "CLEAN" love it.
- a milkbone. ????? hahaha how did that get in there?? i bet that pretty did it.
- a swatch from a bridesmaids dress that i meant to leave at work..its pretty.. "peacock"
- a used tiger paw sticker that was on my face at the last Clemson game
- a pack of sweetarts

haha. i think my purse describes me pretty well. happy thursday!


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