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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Day 8 - A Photo That Makes You Sad

Ok, so this photo doesn't bring me to tears. But it is really bittersweet. This was taken at the Clemson vs. GA Tech game in September 2006, in the student section at Death Valley. We were drinking cherry snow cones that we poured smirnoff minibottles in. and the tigers were winning. Every game I go to, I miss being a student!! Having that ENTIRE BLOCK of friends in the frat section.. knowing everyone... being able to drink vodka during the game (i said able, not allowed). now days, i can barely drink a few beers before the game.. it makes me so tired! i miss singing the alma mater, as a student, and going to band parties at the ski lodge when it was all said and done. i miss everyone coming to my tailgate at halftime to drink crown drinks and eat fatz chicken fingers. and i miss being able to slog back to the dorm and rehash the day with cathleen, my little cheerleader roommate. i miss going up to loose change after a game and matt being the bartender. and playing touch screen until i fell asleep back there. and i miss the smell of grease, beer, trash, and dank dogs, downtown clemson at 3am after a game. i miss it all.

not that my life bad now! I am in a whole new phase of life and i love it and i know that one day i will look back and miss all that is going on now, and wish i could re-live the days of no kids.. staying up til 2 everynight ... playing mario with matt for 3 hours on a week night ... hauling off and going up to the mtns at the last minute for a getaway weekend... cooking dinners for the two of us...buying our first car... working in the yard. etc etc etc.

i love everything about right now. but that doesnt mean i can't at least miss what was... college.

... here's a pic taken right after the one above :) love it. it makes me REALLY excited that football starts SATURDAY!


  1. aww this just made ME miss college! And I didn't even have vodka slushies, but now I'm kinda wishing I did ;)I just told Blake I wish we were coming to your tailgate Saturday...

  2. geeez britt- what a wonderful summary of college, i love it! i couldn't be happier about the photos you chose to post either... ahhhhh i miss it! i really hope to see you soon, go tigers!