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Monday, December 10, 2012

9 months post

I'm writing this, and Mary Tyler will be 10 months a week from today. That just shows you how CRAZY life has been this past month! I am exhausted. Here's whats up:

Food: You have so far eaten and loved: macaroni & cheese, grilled cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, rice, chicken casserole, spaghetti, yogurt, fruit purees, vienna sausages, toast, waffles, cheese puffs (the gerber kind), avocado, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, etc. You're still a great eater!

Sleep: This month you went down to one nap a day (usually from 1:30-3:30). At first I was worried, but then Dr. Butcher told me thats totally normal considering how long you sleep at night (14 hrs) roughly 7 pm to 9:00 am. We got you some black out shades in your nursery bc you werent sleeping well at nap time with light in the room. You like to have a dark room, sound machine on full blast, fan on, two blankies in the crib with you. and 4 loveys that you snuggle with, and of course, pacis.

You are now wearing size 4 diapers.

at your 9 mo check up you weighed 20 lbs 15 oz (almost 21) and were 29.5 inches tall. Dr. B said you are "off the charts" in height. Very tall girl :)

Last month I said you refused to fall asleep in my arms, but now when I rock you for nap or bedtime during your bottle you dont fight sleep as hard. I think that has a lot to do with TEETHING> dun dun dunnnnnn.

You have been HARDCORE teething this entire month. You went to Dr. B on your 9 mo bday and she said you should get both bottom teeth by 10 months. You have swollen gums, drooling, runny nose, low grade fever, and IR-RI-TA-BLE!!!!!! Fussy fussy baby. Poor thing, I know you are in pain. It's so close now that yesterday, Matt thought it had come through but its just really white where it's about to break skin. You are also running your tongue over the top teeth a lot so I think those are close, too. I hope you get one soon and get some relief.

Here are some entries from your diary this month:

Nov 18 - Lauren came and took your Christmas pictures today... I cant wait for you to experience your first Christmas. You are the best gift mommy and daddy could ever receive!

Nov 19 - You had your first ever nighttime screaming fit tonight. You woke up at 11 pm, MAD. I couldnt figure out what you wanted or what was wrong. Nothing would calm you down. I think you were having a bad dream and still half asleep!

Nov 23- Yesterday was your first Thanksgiving. You loved it. You crawled everywhere and kept pulling up on the center ottoman & everyone would clap and yell "yayy!!" You loved the attention and would smile and laugh and do it again.

Nov 28 - We went shopping for presents and decorations today. You loved the toy aisle at Target. You finally figured out how to eat, hold, squeeze, and suck "Fruities" puree packs.

Nov 30 - Still fussy. You cried all the way home from easley w/ Grandy and Grams today. Sleepy and grumpy. So am I, haha!

Dec 3 - you are still being a little grump. I think it's your teeth but I also think it's because you want to walk, so bad. You want to be put down so you can GO! Do not like to be held.

Dec 6 - you had so much fun w Mommy at breakfast this morning, learning the difference between quiet whispers and loud yells. you think its hilarious to yell loud!