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Thursday, May 27, 2010

a day in the life ...

before you read this, you have to know that i am a one-of-a-kind species. i live for sleep, but im an insomniac at night. i have been taking ambien since we've been married, and i cannot WAIT to get off of it. ive become very dependent on it and lately havent even been sleeping well while taking it, but the nights i've tried NOT to take it, ive fallen asleep around 7:30 am when matt's alarm clock goes off. SO. its not the easiest thing to do ... the ambien has started causing me to dream. i have the most vivid dreams ALL NIGHT LONG and lately have been having a hard time lately deciding if things really happened or if i've just dreamed it before. it's super annoying, and in case you didnt know, when you dream you're in REM sleep, which is the lightest stage of sleep, so if youre dreaming all night, you're never really getting a good night's "deep" sleep. this cartoon sums it up, haha

so this is a day in the life of me...

9:15 am ... wake up. take my medicine. brush my teeth. throw on a dress and jewelery. put on some make-up.

9:45am ... feed the dogs, pop a waffle in the toaster, make a sandwich for work, put peanut butter on my waffle, run out the door to work.

10 am ... make it to work and start a nonstop day of fun and craziness.

5:30 pm ... leave work. stop at publix. pick something *quick* to make for dinner.

6 pm ... get home. change to pajamas on most days.. feed the dogs (again) start dinner..

7 pm ... eat dinner. lay on the couch with my quilt and watch tv, blog, play with the dogs, listen to matt sing and play guitar from the bathroom, haha. clean-up, do laundry, etc.

10:30 - make matt's coffee for the morning. take a shower. straighten my hair. get in bed. take medicine. get on computer for a bit.

11, 12, 1, 2 am .... somewhere in there, i fall asleep. most of the time its later rather than sooner. around 1:15 if im lucky!! during all that time i switch between turning the tv on and off... changing the sound on my sound machine.. snuggling with cooper.. scratching matt's back... watching either bravo, food network, We, or hgtv if the tv's on.

:) and that's my life. it varies usually. esp. in the time slot between getting off work and 10:30 pm. but i always try getting in bed asap, and end up not falling asleep til like... late. oh well. hopefully it will get better one day!!! whats a day in your life like?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the day that was so special to me...

but no one else will understand :-/ with the exception of MAYBE a few of you past brides, i bet you dont know who Anne Barge is...

...but I do. I've known and loved and ADMIRED her work and architecture of the most beautiful wedding gowns since I was about 13 years old. I remember, my first "favorite wedding dress" was an Anne Barge in a "Weddings" magazine when I was a freshman in high school. Obviously, back then, I didn't know who Anne Barge was either, but I soon learned, that over the next 10 years, hers would be a name I would come to love.

The entire time I was engaged (and long before that) I was glued to We TV and style network watching shows like "Who's Wedding Is It Anyway," "Bridezillas," "The Knot's Best of Weddings," etc etc etc. Although I'd loved Anne Barge dresses for years, it wasnt until I saw her sweet little southern self on one of the shows that I thought she was so cute and great. She's based out of Atlanta and this is the lady herself...

so, anyway. you get the picture, I love Anne Barge. We sell her dresses at Poinsett Bride, and I oogle and google over them all day. Paula, my boss, needed me to call "Anne Barge" today to get a couple of swatches for a new wedding gown we got in. We call designers, all day everyday, and we have certain representatives at each store. So I call Anne Barge, with an exasperated tone, say "Hiii Tammy, this is Brittney with Poinsett Bride, we didn't get the right swatches from you guys..." Before I can finish, in the sweetest little southern voice I hear ...

"Oh hey Brittney! This is Anne...Anne Barge! Tammy's not in today, so I'm just runnin around like a crazy woman trying to do all the stuff she does too. We're so sorry we didn't get you the right swatches, what do you need?" ................... silence............... Anne: "hello?" OH MY GOD I WAS IN SHOCK...quick quick... what day is it?? where am i?? WHAT WAS I CALLING FOR??" "Oh... yes maam... it was the silk satin, we got the blush swatch but we need the ivory and the champagne" Anne: " You mean the pearl?" pearl??? ...what?? i speak? do i question anne barge?? whatttttt????? "Uh, yes maam, the ivory and the champagne" Anne: "Ok Brittney, I'm sorry but you mean Pearl right? We don't have a color called ivory, it's called Pearl." SHOOT MYSELF IN THE FACE. I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ANNE BARGE. I KNOW ITS CALLED PEARL. I FREAKED OUT...IM SORRY!!!!! "Oh, yes yes! I'm sorry, the pearl and the champagne." Anne: " Ok honey, no problem, and we appreciate y'all so much! We love Greenville and so glad we have yall carrying our gowns, you have a great day, Brittney!" WAIT WAIT, I LOVE YOU. YOURE MY IDOL. IVE LOVED YOU SINCE I WAS 13.. ANNNNNE! instead, what came out was "Oh, great! Thank you!" click.

Oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. I seriously sat there in shock for about 2 minutes before I finally answered my boss, who was yelling "WHAT SHE SAY? WHAT SHE SAY?" I said, "It was Anne Barge!!" she said "I know, but what she say about the swatches?" I said, "No, it was her. Anne Barge. On the phone. She's sending the swatches, but it was Anne." Paula just laughed. Apparently shes talked to Anne Barge before. But I. was flipping out. The rest of the day. I cant believe how star struck I was..... wait a minute.... yes I can.

i wanted to post all over facebook and twitter "I TALKED TO ANNE BARGE ON THE PHONE TODAY AND SHE SAID MY NAME THREE TIMES!!" but no one really knows or loves her the way I do, so i didn't. just want to have a clear recap of the story for future days. if i ever get the chance to talk to her again, next time i'd tell her how much i love her and what beautiful work she does! :) i promise i'll get the courage. I leave you with some Anne Barge favorites :)

and in case you'd like to see more, or know more about anne, you can find her, and some fabulous dresses here...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my favorite... household items

in keeping with the rhythm of my last post, i decided there are certain things around my house that i can't imagine life without! these are all my favorite things... cleaning products.. to smelly-good things... to ways to get better sleep. :) enjoy!


Let me start off by saying that I love all Method products. They are amazing. Smell great and so good for the environment. We have granite countertops in our kitchen and this stuff works like no other! I love the smell and it leaves my kitchen shiny and fresh!


ALRIGHT. Matt gave me this for Christmas two years ago, and I can't live without it. Really, when we go out of town, we take it with us. And if I forget it, I'm miserable. I already have a lot of trouble sleeping .. but put this thing on thunderstorm or white noise and I am out like a light. I even use it when I take naps. Here is what the description on Brookstone's website says: Based on more than 23 years of scientific research, our Tranquil Moments sleep therapy system is a natural sleep aid that will help you achieve deeper states of sleep, relaxation and renewal. heavenly.


I love all Tyler candles. But this is the one that is burning in our bedroom, whenever I'm in it. It is so amazing. Description: Paris is a beautiful blend of bergamot, rose and wild berries.


This stuff works. I hate cleaning the shower. It hurts my back, haha. But this stuff is really cool. It sprays on blue foam, and when the foam turns white, it's ready to wipe. Super fast and easy. Warning, it smells pretty strong. I try to do it fast bc those fumes start getting to me :)


Another amazing product. This stuff smells better than I can ever describe. I first started out just washing underwear and bras in it, but now I wash sheets, clothes, you name it. :) love it!


The best smell your kitchen can have! This is lit in my kitchen all the time, and it smells so fresh and kitcheny :)


Wedding present. Well, we got a giftcard to go pick out whichever Vaccum we wanted, and of course I picked the pink one that donated a portion of proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I love this vaccuum.


All of the Pier 1 sprays are awesome, but this one "takes the cake." :) It is so delightful. I spray it all around the house. I love "cake" smelling stuff but some are a little overpowering, or too sweet. This one leaves my house, seriously, smelling like I just made a Pound Cake and its cooling on the rack. Twice, Matt's come downstairs saying, "did you make a cake??" I love it!


Yet another one of my "can't sleep without it" products. This linen spray is Eucalyptus Spearmint. Eucalyptus clears the mind and Spearmint is uplifting. I spray it on our sheets and pillows every night. There is also a "SLEEP" brand, where this one is "STRESS RELIEF" but I just like the smell of this one better. It's amazing.

Well, that's it for now. I'll let you know when I stumble across more "cant live without it" favorite products. As you can see, I'm a very "scent" related person. I have a strong sense of smell and I love things that smell good. My house probably smells like a million different things but I dont care because I love them all! :) Have a great Tuesday!


Friday, May 14, 2010

beauty products review...

my beautiful friend, megan wells ayers, just started a new blog and we are a LOT a like in the regard that we both love beauty products! :) she had a post like this and i stole from her to show you a few of my favorites!!


This stuff is truly amazing! I used to use bareminerals and just a few weeks ago Jordy and I went to ULTA exploring, and I stumbled upon this little jewel. It is so light and makes your skin look totally airbrush finished! It takes two seconds to brush on, love it!!


It says on the box that it can remove up to 90% of surface stains in just two weeks, and it does!! I have been using it for about a month now and can tell such a difference and several people, including my mother, have noticed how white my teeth are getting! yay! :)


The best lotion ever! Callie got me hooked, Senior year of high school. I put it on after every shower and it leaves my skin so soft!


Ok, so when I visited Megan in April she introduced me to the original Moroccan Oil. I had to get it! It is SO amazing and smells heavenly. I got the hairspray to go along with it and it is incredible. I don't like a very sticky hairspray and this little guy does just the trick, holds, shines, and doesnt leave my head like a helmet :)


I like to call it, "sexy in a bottle." :) another little gem, Jordy and I stumbled across at Ulta over Christmas. It is freakin' AMAZING! I collect perfume, one day I will blog on all the ones I have, and their scents, but this one, is my go to, flirty, fun fragrance. And i have never smelled anything like it!!


Ok, this may sound a little scary. Like you're going to put it on and come out looking like a Cullen. But I promise, there is no "sparkle" or "glitter" in this stuff. It's just like an inner glow that it brings out. Besides that, it smells.... SO...GOOD!!!! I have tried COUNTLESS body washes and this is just... so amazing. I am in love with it. I'm not sure I'll ever go back to Dove Nutrium.


I debated on whether to put this or Cetaphil up. But I seriously use one of these every night. It's a great make-up remover AND cleansing wipe. Leaves me feeling refreshed and clean without all the mess water makes around the sink. I also use this on my arms and legs if I showered earlier and just want to feel clean. Love them!


So, I can remember Janet Wells using this stuff when I was in like, middle school, and it'd just come out. I know it's been around for a while, but I just started using it a couple of months ago, and it does wonders for my fine hair! My hairdresser, Larry, noticed last time I went, even! He said "gah your hair feels so much thicker!" Yayyy . It looks better too! I love it.


Give me any color, any day. I love it. I have three shadow books of it. It lasts forever. Brilliant. Sorry for the small picture.


I guess, overall, im just a benefit girl. I love this mascara, and haven't met a soul who disagrees. LashBlast is good, but this stuff is incredible. Brush it on any lash of any kind and it plumps, lengthens, defines, you name it, it does it. BEST. MASCARA. EVER.

i could go on for days and days about this stuff. i am so happy megan gave me the idea and so proud for her new blog, check it out on my sidebar, its "peek through our window." hope everyone has a fab friday!!! let me know if you try any of these little treasures. love love love!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

blogger's block and mother's day weekend

i dont know what to write about lately. several times ive clicked "new post" then sat staring at the flashing line trying to think of something to type then say to myself "screw it im going to bed." i guess i can tell about our fun weekend last week ...

my grandparents have a house up in the mtns (highlands, nc) and we just decided to go, spur of the moment, friday afternoon. the weather was to die for, breezy and cool enough saturday night to have a fire. saturday, my mom and trav came up for the day and we had fun! went to eat at the pizza place downtown highlands and then shopped around at the cutest boutiques ever :) i got a new dress! there's a pic of downtown highlands below, if you havent been, you should go one weekend! its only about an hour and fifteen minutes from greenville and its super fun! anyway, we went shopping, got some ice cream at sweetreats, then went back to the house and went fishing out on the golfcourse! it was so pretty :) and fun spending time with mom.

i am feeling really great. everything's wonderful. job is so FUN ! i love it~!! the dog's are loving the warm weather, and so is matt. working in the yard a lot lately. i've been busy with work and planning my cousin Ashley's bachelorette weekend! it's in a month and we're going to Tybee Island/Savannah, GA for the weekend. I can't wait to get to the beach :) .... im sitting here trying to think of more stuff to say and i can't really, so ill just leave you with some pictures from the weekend. love to all! - b

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