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Saturday, October 27, 2012

8 months

every month i say "where has the time gone??" but really. where has it gone?? She was in the bath tub tonight and Matt was like "I just can't believe we're standing here and she's 8 months old. How did that happen??"

I want to keep this short and sweet, but also want to document things that've changed in the last month. I really am having to force myself to blog lately, which I hate, but life is just moving TOO fast to keep up, and honestly, blogging is at the bottom of my priority list. Well, maybe 2nd to bottom, bc there's a stack of laundry up to my eyeballs at the foot of my bed right now. Oh well.

I blog so Mary Tyler can go back and look one day at what all she was doing, but also so that when the next baby comes along, I can refer to this and see what his/her sister was doing at these milestones.

SO here goes 8 months...

She is now supposed to be eating only table food. It's been a bit of a challenge. #1 because I'm a freak and dont know what/how much to feed her. #2 bc she LOVES baby food. #3 because she wants puffs as her only meal, every meal. Girl would eat an entire container of puffs at one sitting if we let her!!! So far she's had .... green beans, carrots, oranges, beans, cheese, vienna sausages (the Gerber chicken kind), yogurt, and soup.  She LOVES oatmeal. Everything else, I can't tell. She was obsessed with oranges the first two times she ate them, but the last two times I've given her to them she makes a god awful face and wants nothing to do with them. Haha.

Her schedule now:
9:30 - wake up
9:45 - breakfast; oatmeal and 6 oz bottle
11:00 - nap... but if she wont take it here, she takes it after lunch
12:30 - lunch - usually yogurt & fruit then a 4 oz bottle, haha
1:00 - nap if she didnt take it at 11
2-4 snacks/errands/cartoons/crawling/going outside/etc
4:30/5 - cat nap
7:00 - dinner - whatever she decides she likes on any given day
7:30 - bath
8:00 bedtime and a 6 oz bottle

She has just recently started to like to put herself to sleep. I used to feed her a bottle and rock her til she fell asleep, which I wasn't supposed to be doing anyway (spoiling her). Recently, she started trying to roll over on me the second she finished her bottle, so I just started putting her right in the crib and she rolls over and falls asleep on her own. Good girl!! Mary Tyler is (THANKFULLY) a sleeper. Just like her mama. Last Saturday, I had to go to a cheerleading competition at 8am. I called Matt at 10, 10:15, 10:45, 11:00 ... i was starting to get worried bc he wasnt answering. He calls me back at 11:15 and goes "Sorry!! just woke up... my monkey is still asleep, im about to go wake her up." Dear Jesus, thank you SO much for blessing us with a baby who sleeps til 11:15 on a Saturday!!!!" Can I get an amen?! We are seriously the luckiest parents, ever!

She is a DIVA when it comes to naps, though. She REFUSES to fall asleep in our lap/arms. And she wont fall asleep in the stroller bc she thinks she'll miss something. the ONLY way she'll go to sleep for naps is if she's in her carseat or if i lay down beside her. She will hold my hand and fall asleep, but she has to have her paci!

She is crawling, but not fast yet. She takes a few "steps" then splats and army crawls, which she is really fast at now. Any day now she is going to take off. I've got to keep the floors cleaner and start  baby proofing!

She says Mama ALL THE TIME. It's really all she says. And now she's gotten to where she'll say it back to you when you say it. So we try other far she can say "bye bye" "Nana" "Goooood" "Ma ma" and "Da da" but she wont say Dada very often. She always says it when Matt's not around, he never hears it, haha. She also tries to copy us when we say "duck" but she hasn't quite gotten it yet.

She waves all the time now! She loves it. And she loves to pull the chain on the fan that turns the light on and off.

Here are a few entries from my "one line a day" journal I write in every night:

10/3 - You had a huge "learning leap" today! You made a lot of new consonant  sounds, played in the floor by yourself, tried to crawl, and pulled up twice!  You are so sweet and smart.

10/10 - You're getting closer and closer to crawling. You love to scream (happy screams).You're ready to quit baby food, always reaching for our food. You are mad you can't walk yet.

10/13- (written by my mom) Grams dropped you off w/ GiGi and Travdaddy at 12pm. We took you to Fall for Greenville. You loved the music and all the people! Stayed from 2:30-5:00. Dinnertime, bathtime, and bedtime were easy! You are SO good! Videoed you "crawling" to get puffs. You are so sweet!

10/20- (written by matt) You hung out with your dad today! You both slept until 11:15 and Mommy had to be up at 8 am, haha. You were so good all day, but still won't say "da da" Only "ma ma ma ma ma" all day long! :)

we love you so much, monkey!!!!!!!