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Thursday, March 18, 2010

short and sweet

today was st. patrick's day. and i had a beer. first one in ages!!!! im not really supposed to drink with the meds im on but we made it out to Tsunami for dinner with Matt's mom and Don, so I just said, "heck it's st. pattys and i feel the best i have in a long time, gimme a blue moon" haha. it was delicious!!!!!! p90x is going well. today was our resting/stretching day. last night was Kenpo X (aka kickboxing) i nearly died. right back into it tomorrow with chest and back. results are worth it so far, we've been taking a few progress pictures and already seeing changes! also, a small milestone, i drove yesterday. i havent driven since february 3rd. although my brother was in the car, it felt really good and i think maybe by next week ill be at it alone!! i knew i could do it :) thanks for your prayers and support! my medicine is really doing the trick this time.

we got out in the yard yesterday and played with the dogs. then dad and susie brought over their little baby, Frosty, and we had tacos and played Wii. It was a lot of fun, and a good sign of the cookouts and summer nights on the porch! cant wait. exciting spring/summer/wedding season to come!!!

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