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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a good day

nothing significant happened today. i slept late, had a chicken pot pie for lunch, watched ellen, cleaned the kitchen, got picked up by jordy and went to sarahs new apartment, and we all ate dinner and watched the bachelor wedding. though i didnt have a milestone day like going to the grocery store or driving or anything, today is the first day ive felt like me again. i dont know what made it different, if the medicines are working, if i would have been alright to do "difficult" things like be alone, but i do know, your prayers are working. i didn't have one instance of feeling uneasy or nervous. or have a palpatation or sinking feeling. though i didnt feel like wonder woman, going out and conquering the day, i felt normal.

also, matt and i are starting to exercise, finally. saturday and sunday we went for a little over a mile jog with the dogs! they love it and we've found ourselves feeling really good, too. wednesday we are starting P90X. I'll keep you informed on our progress... spring is coming and im finally feeling positive and optimistic about 2010 if only my best friend lived here, and not in australia :)

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