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Thursday, March 4, 2010

ADD and Dr.'s update

i guess you can all tell by now.. i get bored easily, hence, revamping my blog like, every week. sorry if im making anyone dizzy, but i just like changing it a lot! :)

so i went back to the doctor yesterday. good news and bad new. good news: he switched one of my medicines from a beta blocker i was taking, to a blood volume agent. which helps your body to retain salt and water, therefore increasing blood volume, therefore increase blood pressure. :) so.. besides the fact i may get swollen ankles, we'll keep our fingers crossed that it works. bad news: i have to do the tilt test again in about 6 wks. to determine whether or not the new medicine is working. Basically, if i pass out, the medicine isn't working and he'll know he doesnt have to change it. and if i dont pass out, we know it works and problem is solved, hopefully. more bad news, i prob will have to take this medicine for the rest of my life. BUT i would rather do that, than live a nervous wreck of a life. so. we'll see how everything pans out.

i have made another step. tuesday i went to charlotte with my aunt to go look at bridesmaids dresses with my cousin, who lives there. i made it through at both bridal shops pretty easily!! only a couple times having to sit down. so, another happy step for me! we also spent the night there bc of the snow and drove back wednesday morning. so i made it spending the night somewhere else too!! like i said last time, baby steps. but im making it!

i'd love to write about all the other exciting fun things i've done lately, but sadly, there are none. haha lately my life's consisted of doing laundry, watching matt play punch out on wii, cleaning out the closets, and yelling at the dogs. at least im getting some work done around the house. come spring we are going to start a new hobby..working in the yard. we're going to plant blueberry bushes either this week or next... and have a lot of plans for flowers, a new tree, etc. im really excited for it to warm up so we can get started on it!!

also. matt and i are starting P90X next week. A lot of you probably think I'm joking, but we're really going to give it a shot. Matt will prob last longer than I will, but I really have the willpower to do it. Exercise is good for my circulation and Matt wants to "get his high school body back." IF we're successful, I'll be sure and post our before and after pictures :) haha wish us luck!

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