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Monday, March 1, 2010

2 small feats

Well ... not that eventful of a weekend. Friday night was lame-o. Matt had a major disaster at work and was at his desk from 7:30 am friday morning until 2am that night (with a short, 30 minute break to go get Arby's which was delicious). Poor thing. But I do want to say I am so lucky to have a husband that works from home while all this crazy health stuff is going on lately. I have a really hard time being alone and just knowing he's upstairs and can hear me if I call out makes me feel safe. That being said...

I had forgotten I had told the lady I babysit for, a long time ago, that I could babysit on Saturday night. all the sudden saturday was here and i panicked. I can't even go to the grocery store..or drive.. or walk out to the mailbox by myself, for that matter, how was I going to babysit a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old and feel anything close to responsible?? So I thought I could get a friend to go with me, but given the short notice, no one could make it. Matt to the rescue! again. My sweet hubs came with me. And he did great with the 3rd old. not so much the baby, as he's terrified of diapers (great.) but he watched scooby doo with the little girl while i put the baby down, and when i came back in the room, she was in the midst of asking him to put her lipstick on her! he is going to do great with girls if we have them :) (a long while from now)

So we spent saturday night babysitting. came home and beat the Super Paper Mario game on Wii that we've been playing for about 8 days straight now. what a treat! it's REALLY fun game if any of yall have a Wii! This morning matt had to work again. I woke up and let the dogs out and fed them and played with them for awhile while Matt slept in (for once!) and then he went and got us Bojangles breakfast! yummy. biscuits and gravy! then i took a nap. THEN came the two small feats...

Jordy came and got me and we went to the mall! I havent been to stores really in several weeks and was really nervous about it. We didn't stay long, but when went and got what we needed to get and I made it through. It's small things that I accomplish like that that help me to go on to the next one, knowing "well i made it through the mall, maybe i can make it through dinner tonight." So then tonight, we went to Tsunami with Cindy and Kelleigh (my mother-in-law and sister-in-law). and i made it through that too! not to say i didnt feel weird at all during dinner but i got through the weirdness and felt really good about myself when we got home tonight. knowing i went to the MALL and DINNER today!! thats like, more than ive done in the past week.

baby steps. im going back to the doctor on wednesday and thinking he's going to switch up my medicines and be able to tell us a little more details after further reviewing the test results in a little more detail. ill keep everyone posted! thanks for continuing to pray :) prayers are working. have a good week everyone!!


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  1. I'm so so proud of you, Brittney! Just keep pushing yourself a little bit at the time! Have patience with yourself, because it will take some time. But, I have complete faith you will get through it! It's taken me almost a year, but I got through my whole vow renewal day... and I know you will get to that point too! You are still in my thoughts and prayers!