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Monday, March 15, 2010


This isn't that interesting, I am mainly writing for our own records and for those of you who are considering the program. We love it so far, but it is far from easy!!! For those of you who don't know what it is, here is the definition from Wikipedia because I could never explain it this well in words:

P90X, or Power 90 Extreme, is a home exercise system developed by Tony Horton in conjunction with Beachbody, which aims for an improved physique in 90 days through rigorous interval training. The program emphasizes full-body fitness, and consists of cardiovascular, strength training, and stretching exercises divided into three 30-day phases, combined with a nutrition and optional supplementation plan.

P90X stresses the importance of "muscle confusion" (a term for adding variety through cross-training and periodization), so it switches the order of exercises and incorporates new movements during each phase.[1] According to Horton, muscle confusion prevents the body from adapting to exercises over time, resulting in continual improvement without plateaus.[2]

SO Matt and I have been doing a different workout everyday, targeting different muscle groups. That's been a plus because when your chest and arms are so sore you can barely move them, the next day you have a legs or abs workout that doesnt absolutely kill your sore muscles.

Alright so far:

Day 1 - Chest and Back . We had no clue what to expect for day 1 and it was definitely a killer. starting off with pull ups (we got a removeable pull up bar from wallmart for $20 in our doorway) and push ups was pretty much a disaster for me, as i've never really had any upper body strength. But as tony continually reminds you "do you best and forget the rest." so we both did what we could. we know the rep counts will improve over time. and hardly anyone (so we've researched) can even do most of the workouts in the first few weeks. youre lucky if you get 60% of the way through.

Day 2 - Plyometrics. Closest to what kind of "workout" we're both most familiar with, plyometrics is basically what any of you who were ever on a sports team called "conditioning." Including tons of jumping, squats, ab killers, etc. This is probably the hardest workout p90x offers. At one point, we were both pouring sweat and feeling like our hearts would explode any minute, i looked up at the tv to see 40 minutes left onthe clock. "40 more minutes of this?!!?!?" i said to matt. we both just looked at each other like it was impossible. somehow, we finished, and i laid on the floor staring at the fan for a good 30 minutes after it was over. we are both just as sore as we knew we'd be.

Day 3 - Arms and Shoulders & AB Ripper X - this was hard ... esp for matt with giant dumbells. but not really for me as my dinky little dumbells are only 3 lbs a piece. I have got to get some heavier ones. AB ripper x destroyed us. Our neighbors were probably contemplating calling 911 as they were hearing screaming like someone was just murdered coming from our house. it hurts!! but its one of those things you hate and love. it felt so good when it was over and having sore abs makes me know i did something productive for them.

Day 4- Yoga. DONT UNDERESTIMATE IT! matt's favorite so far. this thing had us sweating BUCKETS. using muscles we hadnt really used before and trying to hold poses we'd never done. it was SO different than anything we'd really done before, it was like a really bad, difficult, game of twister. if you read about the workouts, supposedly Yoga X burns the most calories of any of them.

That's all we've done so far. Ill update again when we're done with week 1. We love it. We are eating healthier and feel better over all. I had a really good week heart wise too. Doing WAY more than I've done in a really long time. We're taking the dogs on their walks on days when it doesnt rain and we're getting out and about! So happy spring is nearly here and nights are lasting longer. we've been grilling out and some daffodils are sprouting in the back yard! :)

that's all for now. check back soon.


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