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Thursday, March 11, 2010

house update

SLOWLY but surely, we're updating our house and giving it a facelift. my latest project: the kitchen. we painted the kitchen 3 times since we moved in!! First, we painted it green, and it looked like nickelodeon threw up. it was SLIME green. way too bright. so then we painted it a cream color called "antique lace." we had it up for a while but it just looked a little drab. and i didnt like the curtains. so, most recently, we painted it "colonial beige" the same color that our foyer is. its kind of a greyish-green. hard to explain. but mom and ive been searching for just the right thing to put on the wall and we finally found it!!! it may not be your taste, but i LOVE it. its the first thing we've decorated with that everytime i walk in the room i smile and it makes me so happy!! last thing to do on the kitchen is the mosaic tile backsplash that matt and mom are going to install, but we've got to find a wedding-free weekend sometime this spring to do it. but for now, here is a preview of one side of the kitchen! new curtains, new art, and a bowl of matt's oranges that i expect to be gone within a couple of days... :) sorry its a little blurry, ill take a "real" pic of it later.

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