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Thursday, April 21, 2011

one of the best purchases ive ever made

for the love of cotton candy.. PLEASE go buy this baby from your local bath and body works. you will not be sorry!! i have been drooling all night! it smells AMAZING!!!!

i also got three super cute shirts from free people @ belk. they are having a sale that starts next wednesday so they let me shop the "presale" and i got the 20% off!! the catch: i have to pick up my purchases next thursday. so i couldnt come home and show matt my pretty things right away. but for the extra 20% off its worth the weeklong wait!

also!!! i went to the new Sephora that we FINALLY got!!!! it's inside JC Penny (how funny) but it is divine! I stayed in there for an hour sampling the perfumes and make up and left with a new NARS blush and a mini perfume from philosophy for my purse.

i hadn't smelled perfumes since christmas ya'll!! that is a long time for me!!!! some of my new faves are listed below.

Also, I included the "note pyramid" of each fragrance. It's always interesting to hear what they are and then start comparing your favorites. they usually have similar base notes. you can look up your perfume on and it will tell you the notes! :)

Ange ou Demon by Givenchy ...Jamie Ball!! thanks for trying to get this to me.. i now know why you were so set on it! I hope you're still mailing me the sample bc i loved it!

top notes: mandarin, saffron, thyme
middle notes: lily, orchid, ylang-ylang
base notes: tonka bean, vanilla, brazilian rosewood, oakmoss

Vanilla Grapefruit by Lavanila for Sephora - delicious!

notes: vanilla, patchouli, lime, grapefruit, heliotrope, bergamot

Eternal Grace by Philosophy. This is the one I got the "mini" of. My sister gave me the shampoo/body wash for my bday last year and I LOVE it so I had to get the cute little mini for my purse. If i love the perfume enough, I think this will be my "go to" summer fragrance. It's fresh, light, and feminine.

notes: bergamot, citrus, neroli, geranium, lavender, violet, passionfruit, sandalwood, musk, amber

I've never posted my favorite men's cologne for yall... so here are my favorites, get one for your man:

Lacoste Challenge - this is their newer fragrance. love it.

top notes: tangerine, amalfi lemon, bergamot
middle notes: ginger, lavender, violet leaf
base notes: ebony wood, teak wood

Lacoste Red. I love this one, too! It's similar to the Challenge but a little more bold.

notes: patchouli, apple, cedar

Curve by Liz Claiborne. Ok ok ok I know im going back to 7th grade with this one, but everytime I smell this I swoon like a teenage girl. A classic :)

Top Notes: lavender, juniper berries, pineapple, neroli, and lemon
Middle notes: coriander, ginger, violet, cactus, sage, bergamot, cardamom
Base notes: sandalwood, amber, musk, vetiver, cedar, mahogany, pepper

Hugo Boss in Motion- Dear Lord. this is my absolute favorite. This is what Matt wears (because I bought it for him..he doesn't care at all what he smells like, haha) I LOVE this! Just typing this right now made me get up and go in the bathroom and get it out of his dopp kit to smell it. ahhh

Top notes: Orange, Basil, Bergamot, Violet Leaf
Middle notes: nutmeg, cinnamon, pink pepper, cardamom
Base notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Woodsy Notes, Vetiver

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