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Friday, April 1, 2011

indecisive because i can be

if you haven't noticed... every night this week, i've revamped my blog. i dont know why. i have been really indecisive lately. im fine with it. :)

also, way back when i was changing our blog name, 4 or 5 different people told me my blog should be called "the nuts and bolts" ... so i am trying it out for a few days, or permanently. it kind of make sense considering my blog is pretty "nutty" and im talking about how our life works.. the nuts and bolts of it all.

i was just talking to my sister about how i feel like my blog isn't as "serious" or "deep" or "intuitive" or "well written" as a lot of you guys' are! i was feeling inadequate until she assured me that it was very entertaining and she loved that i write things exactly how i would speak them. i love reading yall's though!! suzy, i can never imagine being as eloquent as you! everything i read, that you write, i am just like... wow. its beautiful! and SO well put. im so happy for baby dover to arrive. :)

a lot of you others out there are such an encouragement to me with your posts and insights. thanks for that! i know my blog is probably not doing the same for you, but i hope that it at least adds some cheer to your day :)

this video DEFINITELY will... one of matt coworkers sent it to him the other day with the caption "this reminds me of my mother-in-law" ... i cannot stop laughing when i watch it and think of the poor guys crazy mother-in-law at thanksgiving dinner.(sidenote: thank goodness i was blessed with an AMAZING mother-in-law)

happy friday boys and girls! :)



  1. Oh my lord you have me blushing. I promise I think the same about yours... I've been obsessed for quite some time : )

  2. i love the new name! it's so freaking adorable and personal to you guys! i feel the same way about my blog sometimes - i keep telling myself that i'm not that serious of a person so it's OK not to be serious on the blog? can't wait to hear more about the new cheerleading job!!
    ps - did you already buy your taylor tickets??