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Monday, April 4, 2011

our weekend and yogurt mountain

in the words of nimbus meade, "hai guyz!"

i dont even know what to write about tonight. hmm. how about just an update..

friday night, mom and i went to the stein mart 12 hr sale and i got my sweet little hubby two really nice spring shirts :) a long sleeved button down to wear for Easter and a short sleeved golf polo. then we went to this new restaurant in greenville, Harry & Jean's. It was pretty delish!! matt had to work late so i brought him home something from there. then we watched Dateline from last week that we'd tivo'd.

Saturday I had to work and then came home and took a cat nap... then Matt and I went on a date night to Adam's Bistro and Yogurt Mountain!

PS- have you BEEN to Yogurt Mountain yet???! Now i know why I see so many cars with YM stickers! OH. MY. GOSH. It is probably the best thing i've ever tasted and 90% of the frozen yogurts are fat free! I encourage you to click on the link i just posted and then check out the MENU tab. Holy toldeo.

You walk into Yogurt Mountain and get your own cup.

then you fill it up with whatever your heart desires... since it was my first time, i wanted to try a few different flavors... so i got Cake Batter, Orange Sorbet, Blue Cotton Candy, and German Chocolate Cake... i know that sounds gross, dont worry, i did NOT mix them all together! the cup was big enough to get little spurts of each. they were all AMAZING and tasted so good!!! ... so there's a whole wall of THIS ...

then toppings...

then you take your cup up to the register.. where they WEIGH it at $0.45/once. Ours cost $13 and mine was only $5... that tells you how crazy matt went. he got peanut butter and cheesecake! :) and his looked heavy! i can tell you one thing... YM is making a lot of money! Heaven knows how many kids we saw going through the line without parent supervision and PILING their cups up with all KINDS of stuff! :)

anyway, it's amazing.

then sunday we went by starbucks to get matt a coffee because he was out at home, headed to church @ newspring, stopped by costco to pick up a few things, went to subway for lunch, came home and took the dogs on a walk, watched the college basketball slam dunk contest, took a nap, did some laundry and cleaned the bathroom, and then met matt's mom at California Dreamin' for dinner. They have the BEST entree salads! Yum! We ended up staying for two hours just having great conversation. Then came home and I watched Army Wives... WHICH by the way was a great episode last night! I'm so glad I finally got on the army wives train, great show!

So we had a really fun and happy weekend!! This week i have a lot of cheerleading stuff going on. Wohoo!! Gettin' closer to tryouts people!! can't wait for cathleen and i to pick our team and get these girls to work! Have a great week!



  1. as if i didn't want to go enough already... those colourful tiles really sucked me in. can't wait to go, hope they still have blue cotton candy when i come! also, does white chocolate mousse taste like TCBYs?
    loooooove you... ps, i bet wells loves that place!

  2. how fun! :) My mom is OBSESSED w/ yogurt mtn :)
    & I must say I absolutely LOVE army wives & datelines :)
    Sounds like a pretty good weekend!