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Sunday, April 24, 2011

marital exchange of the day

im SO glad Cathleen is blogging yall! :) im stealing all her ideas.

Me: (sitting in the car in the driveway) Lamb, what if i just got out of the car right now and squatted on that bush and peed?
Matt: silence. smiles. bursts into laughter. Hahahaha! That's why I love you so much, baby. Because i think the SAME things all the time! Like, earlier at the restaurant I was thinking like "what if that waiter just came over here and put his butt on the table and farted? Like, right at our food??"
Me: haha!! that's weird!

i cant wait til we have children. they will probably be the quietest. shyest. sweetest. most modest little things on earth, with parents like us, who they will be TOTALLY embarrassed of! *ps i just had to google how to spell embarrass*

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  1. Hahaha y'all crack me up! I can clearly picture y'all having this conversation. And Christopher and I think the same thing about our kids ... Like, what if they don't have a sense of humor? What if they dont like to be silly and they think we're idiots?