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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

delicious turkey wraps

i wish i would have taken a picture!!!

i am trying to eat healthier before our family beach trip coming up in june!! after all, all this working out and personal trainer stuff isnt going to work if im not following a good diet.

so i bought lean ground turkey instead of ground beef with the intentions of making turkey tacos. while the meat was "browning" (it should be called "whitening" when its lean turkey) i changed my mind midway through.

being a STRICT recipe follower, i was a little nervous. i always have a recipe and usually follow it to a T (or tee, or tea, what is it??) lately, i've been a little more adventurous and branched off from the original recipes, but tonight was a total WHIM.

instead of taco seasonings, i added a little bit of "i can't believe its not butter," some salt and coarse black pepper, and my two favorite seasoning blends, Cavender's and Montreal Steak Seasoning. made sure the seasonings had enough time to marinate the turkey and then made wraps. On fat free tortillas (that were for the tacos), shredded cheddar, spicy ranch, and lettuce.

oh, my word. they were SO GOOD! and i was so proud of myself for making it up on a whim. quick and easy. i think i'll make them more often. if i'd have used fat free cheese and fat free ranch, each wrap would have been about 2 grams of fat, total!! however, the ones i made were only about 6 grams of fat a piece. NOT TOO SHABBY at all! :)

whip 'em up! you wont regret it!

and if you don't know what Cavender's is... i recommend you find out. I put it on everything!! chicken... vegetables (like when i make zucchini and squash), ground turkey (obviously), red potatoes that i bake in the oven, green beans! everything! it's awesome.


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