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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ohhhh yeah

AND matt is STILL doing P90X folks, I can't go without talking about it. He has not missed a DAY! (besides his rest day that he gets once a week, that he doesnt have a scheduled workout) He is on like, Day 160 or something crazy!?! So, he's almost finished 2 whole rounds of P90X and he reached his goal of getting below 200 lbs, just the other day. I am so proud of him and his dedication is EXTREME! I am so glad I have such a passionate husband who puts all of his heart and effort into things he loves and cares about. So proud of you, lamb!!

here he is at Day 1, Day 42, Day 90, and Day 154~!

And here he is... eleven toes and all... showing off his proud accomplishment!! :)

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