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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

just call me Martha..

so i've been up to a lot lately. had a big ol' 24th birthday on Saturday... but also shared my day with my cousin :) we had a lovely bridal shower for her at Claremont Clubhouse. it turned out great! i wanted to make something special and kind of fun, so last week during my "free time" i made some things. all things considered, especially the fact that ive never been good at arts and crafts, i think i did a pretty good job. here are the flower balls i attempted to make...

ok i cant get my pictures to go in the order i want them to, so they're just going to all be at the bottom. so i made those pretty flower balls... and here are the directions i followed.. they were SO EASY!! POM-POMS AND LUMINARIES

THEN i made some cute little "chocolate pops". they were simple too. i listed a picture of the ingredients and then the finished product. also, i tied some little notes on them that said "Sweet Love" and had the bride and groom's names and wedding date. they were so cute! and yummy. got the idea from Bakerella and the lovely Megan Ayers, who's made a few pops already :) please excuse my messy kitchen!!

i will post again soon with birthday pics, shower pics, and a more detailed recap of this past week... and things to look forward to for fall!! have a happy week! -B


  1. aww YAY!!! So cute! I love how they turned out!! I am going to have to get that mold. I cannot believe how cute those tissue lanterns turned out...AMAZING! Ok I'm going to call you tonight-I love you!!

  2. Britt! The shower was perfect! You are so crafty and all the decorations were awesome! Thanks so much for such a great shower :) I had so much fun dt with you for your birthday as well. Love you!!! ~Ash