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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


sorrrrrrrrrrryyyyy!!!!! i have been MIA. you wouldn't believe how busy the month of August has been. It has FLOWN by, seems like my birthday was just the other day. Anyway, I'm more than ecstatic that August has flown by because it's my LEAST favorite month of the year. I hate August. It's the hottest month. It's miserable. It's too far away from Christmas. It airs back to school commercials that still feel my heart with panic and sadness. It's going to be 11 more months til I have a birthday again. AND it makes me wait and wait for September when football season and fall air move in. Needless to say, I am SO HAPPY August is nearly over. But since I haven't shared with you what all has gone on this month.. here's a little recap.

My Birthday Dinner out with the Girls... This is me with Cathleen and my sister, Lindsey..

Every Monday night, my best friends and I eat dinner over at Sarah's house, and her mom cooks us a wonderful meal. This was my "birthday" dinner. and The Chocolate Shoppe cookie cake was phenom. If only Wells and Callie would have been there :(

Then... on August 15th, came a special birthday surprise. Ok, so it wasn't REALLY a birthday surprise, but it was a purchase worthy of calling it a bday surprise since it was only 2 weeks after my birthday. As you all probably know, I had my car (A 2001 Nissan Xterra) since I was 15 years old. And it has been through EVERYTHING with me. I love her (Betsy, was her name) dearly, but it was time for me to move on. After shopping around all weekend and a lot of bargaining, we came out with this little baby. And her name is Brigitte Bardot :)


In case you don't know who the real Brigitte Bardot is... she is the EVER so GLAMOROUS and BEAUTIFUL annnnnnnd she just happens to be an animal rights activist (which is a plus :) ) here is the lovely lady..

OK ANYWAY. I can't go without mentioning the main thing that I spent August doing.. preparing for Ashley and Matt's Wedding. It was a crazy day, but we had SO much fun, and Ashley was gorgeous!!! I will post pics from the wedding day when the photographer posts them, but here's a glimpse at how pretty Ash was. I was HONORED to be her Matron of Honor, which still sounds weird to me bc i dont think im a matron. :)

so that was my august so far. i cant think that'd it'll be too much more eventful. this friday im babysitting and sunday i have another wedding shower (yay ashley sargent!!!) and then... and only then... will it be the week we've all been waiting for since that dreadful ACC Championship Game in December.... you know what im talking about ... next week. will be the week COLLEGE FOOTBALL BEGINS. And we're playing North Texas, so we better win. I am MORE EXCITED THAN YOU KNOW about football and fall and leaves and pumpkins. I love fall i love fall i love fall!!! and i love you all :)


ps- sorry i can't get my text to do right around those pictures. oh well. you get the point.

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  1. I just got SO EXCITED when I signed on this morning and saw you had updated!! I'm right there with you sister...bring on the Fall and pumpkin smelling candles and soaps ASAP! I love you and miss you!!

    ps-I loved that you went from Betsy to Bardot...what an upgrade! :)