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Saturday, August 28, 2010

day 2

so technically its 12:47am and I'm 47 minutes late for "day 2" but here goes..

Day 2- Favorite Movie

I have a lot of favorite movies, just like songs. Here's a good recap for you:

a favorite at age 3: The Wizard of Oz .. i would hide when the Witch came though

age 6: The Little Mermaid .. first movie I saw in the theater... or that I can remember seeing in the theater.

age 8: The Lion King .. I had the soundtrack. it was amazing.

age 10: Jumanji, ha!

age 12: Twister... tyler and i watched twister, like, everyday.

age 14: ehhh ... Coyote Ugly. obsessed.

age 16: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

age 18: i think i went back to Wizard of Oz

etc etc you get the point... there are a ton of other movies I like, but you and i both know, my favorite movie of all time has to be ...

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