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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

things im obsessed with .. this week

best friends are so much alike :) ... i just read my BFF's blog and she wrote about things shes obsessed with at the moment. i decided to copy her, and while doing so, i realized we're obsessed with all the same types of things. i guess thats what being friends since age 8 does to a person :) i love you wells!

I can't stop eating gouda and crackers. not smoked gouda (that stuff tastes like ham or something) but regular ol gouda. yum!

a vacation!!!! in particularly, a cruise, that we MAY or may not be taking in October for our 3 year anniversary!! :)

THIS DRESS that Olivia Wilde wore to The Golden Globes this week!! ahhhhhh mazing

starbucks white chocolate mocha. it's felt SO good on my sore throat this past week! delishhhh

nicki minaj's song "Super Bass" from the Pink Friday album. Taylor Swift tweeted last week, "Driving back from rehearsals listening to Super Bass by @ OVER and OVER. I'm so obsessed with this song!" So, of course I downloaded it, bc i pretty much am obsessed with taylor, too. and she was right, the song is awesome.

Neosporin Lip Health!!!!!! this is my #1 obsession of the week! I love it so much, I have been to three stores looking for the overnight one. I have the daily hydration and I swear it works!! It says on the package that it guarantee's to restore visibly healthier lips in 3 days. and it does. this stuff is amazing! The first time I put it on, it felt thin..compared to like Burt Bee's or chapstick. And I was like, great this stuff isn't going to work. but it does and i love it.

The Bachelor!!! I swear im not going to read this year. so don't tell me if you know who wins!!! I think I'm going against the grain on this one, but I really like Brad. I liked him the first time, too. I thought not choosing DeAnna or Jenny too some gumption, and I respected that he didn't pick someone because he "had" to.

Barbie's Fashion Fairytale Glitterizer. omg. I babysat Gracie Carlton this past week and she got this thing for Christmas and it is SO FREAKIN COOL! You put glitter in the bottom ... put barbie in, complete with fashionable shaped stickers...close the door and lock it.. press the glitterize button, and a mini fan in the bottom blows the glitter up onto barbie and glitterizes the felt stickers you put on her!!! I wish I had a life-size glitterizer wardrobe for myself :)

annnnd that's about all im obsessed with this week. :) there will be bigger and better things next week.

happy more than halfway through january!!



  1. Oh my gosh I love your list!!! Especially the part about the smoked gouda tasting like ham! bahahahaa. And that glitterizer Barbie is so you!! As soon as Mayor or Mary Tyler Bolt is born she will be getting one of these from her auntie! :) I love you so much you precious friend!! We have to talk about that cruise...O.M.G.

  2. OMG! My mom got my the neosporin daily lip health this past weekend and I LOVE IT! where oh where did you find the nighttime one? I must have that one too! You girls have inspired me - I will be making my list of obsessions today!!! :)

  3. i died when i got to the barbie part…. waaaaaaay too funny, haha!

  4. Brittney, you should put gouda in your mashed potatoes, it's so good! Steve usually does that when he makes something like steak and asparagus. Delicious!