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Friday, January 7, 2011

the gym..and the beach

they go together kind

As I told you before, I joined the gym near my house, Pivotal Fitness and got a personal trainer. This is basically what it was like ..

haha, no but really. He told me he was going to have to "assess me" at our first meeting. I ended up doing a Marine Corps workout (wth??) maxing out at each one of these exercises...aka, do as many as you can in one minute

1. Push Ups
2. Squats
3. 3 min of elliptical
4. Shoulder press
5. Bicep curl
6. Lunges on each leg
7. 3 min of elliptical
8. Tricep extensions
9. Leg extensions
10. Leg curls
11. Sit ups
12. Crunches

Woooooooooooof!!!!! I haven't done a full body workout like that in I dont even know how long. I mean, P90X was certain muscle groups on certain days. Needless to say, the next three days were hilarious. I had to lift my leg and set it outside of the car to be able to get out. And lower myself onto the toilet by putting my hands between my legs. It probably took me 30 seconds to get up my 3 front porch steps. Haha! I like being sore though.. it makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Which I hope I accomplish A LOT by June 11th. Which is my good friend Chester's wedding AND the day I go on family vacation for a week at the beach.

Wanna know who/what my inspiration is for looking this way by that time??

No, no no, this isn't a professional model, but my friend Megan (aka dear baby e blogger..aka just had a baby...aka im sure she'll look like this again in like 2 weeks) See, within like, the next two years or so, I want to have a baby, too, like Megan. And before I do... I want to look like this, like Megan. She did not get this way by doing nothing. She loves working out. she did P90X Ab Ripper all the time, and oh, she's a Zumba instructor. I don't think I will ever look THAT good in a bathing suit, but im hoping with a lot of hard work, effort, perseverance, and my trainer, I'll get close.

Now, onto the beach news. From when I was born until I was about 4 years old my Mimi and Grandy had a beach condo in Destin, FL. I can't remember that much of it, but we all used to go as a family every year. Since they sold it, we have a mountain house in Highlands, NC where we congregate every July 4th and Thanksgiving, and sometimes in between. Last year I asked Mimi if we could PLEASE all go to the beach together, since I couldn't remember ever doing it before. She already had a few trips planned and we couldn't get a time together last year... but at Thanksgiving she announced to us that we could go in June .. that'd they'd pay for the house if I could find us a good one. I was so EXCITED and then realized I have a pretty picky family. We all know, beggars can't be choosers, but let's face it, we are. Haha.. These are the requirements I was given:

1. Sleeps at least 11 people
2. 3 couples must get their own rooms (aka no rooms with 2 queen beds, etc)
3. Within a block to the beach
4. Close to a golf course
5. Pet friendly
6. A living room and kitchen of substantial size
7. A living room with a "good tv setup" haha
8. Updated decor
9. A king size bed in the Master
10. A pool (this is the only one that could waiver, as long as it had all the other qualities

Holy Moly! I have been looking for a place, like, nonstop since Sunday and we FINALLY decided on one, today. I am SO excited I can barely contain myself. Usually, at this time of year, I am constantly checking to see when the next "Blizzard of '93" is going to hit Greenville, or supposedly going to hit Greenville (next week has some serious potential) but right now I can't help but stalk J.Crew to see when their 2011 Swim line is going to come out and I can start looking for a new bathing suit that will show off my "Megan Body" come June. :) Here are some pics of "my prize!"

located in the heart of Isle of Palms ... close to WILD DUNES golf course... in close proximity to The Windjammer Cafe... one block to the beach...updated decor...pool... etc....

i think this kitchen will suffice. I can't wait to look up recipes to make for the whole family. Low Country Boil anyone??

Sunny bright living room ...

room we'll get to share with THE KERNS :)

Rooftop Deck with Grill and Lounge Chairs...

Cast of Characters staying in this awesome place... Mimi and Grandy, their dog Cady, Dad and Susie, Sam and Twila, Matt and I, Matt and Ashley, Tyler..and a friend bc Janey will be in Spain. Ahhh. Sigh. I can't wait to be there. BUT .. I will hold my horses, because I am really excited about the potential Snow Storm coming Sunday-Tuesday to the upstate. There is just SO much to look forward to already and 2011 just started!!

Hope everyone has a good Friday!!


ps- im still holding strong w/ my no complaining resolution. it is definitely difficult, esp starting with a trainer...and wanting to say "IM SOOOOO SORE" to matt all the time, but i'm really glad im doing it :)

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  1. LOL! I <3 this post! Not only because you gave me a super awesome shout out but because its such a "Brittney" post in where it covers many topics all at once. :) haha.

    Sadly, after carrying my little bundle of joy for 9 months, the belly muscles have completely vanished. But, I'm hoping to get them to look like that again by the end of Spring/early Summer! We're in this together!! Here's to getting our little butts in shape for 2011!

    That's awesome about the trainer! Best of luck. And, you'll be fine when it comes time to have a baby. You'll be a cute preggo woman!