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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


so .. my dad is basically a weather man and has been telling me for the past two weeks that this was going to be a "major storm." i think i believed him. i mean i know i believed him that it was going to be a good snow but i did not realize how much!!! when it started last night around 12:30 i got online and fiddled a bit, looked out the window only an hour later and there was already like an inch and a half. SO EXCITING !

what's better is my friends came over to get snowed in with me :) matt has to work, bc he works from home anyways and it'd be pretty hard to explain a "hazardous commute" to his boss, considering his "commute" is from the bedroom to the office about 5 ft down the hallway. haha. my friends didn't want to be snowed in and bored at their own homes so they came here!!

we woke up this morning and i did this...

cooked breakfast casserole and hashbrowns. it was pretty good, if i do say so myself. then we were sad because jordy still had to work.

but she ran out and took a picture in the winter wonderland first...

then sarah and i got prepared to brave the snow... in hopes of sledding .. good thing dad gave me my ski bib last week..

after we were all bundled up we were restless to get outside bc we were sweating in the warmth of the house!! haha

dont worry, i definitely tried to get a running start to dive onto my disk sled..and face planted!! the snow was WAY too soft and powdery. i am hoping for more sledding success tomorrow with the newly fallen ice layer on top! but here's me sitting on my sled with bilo bags over my shoes bc i didnt have any waterproof boots~ :)

then i made an AWESOME snow angel. this is what snow angels are SUPPOSED to look like!!

we came in.. had some lunch.. took naps.. and then were lazy all day until we got enough energy up to fix some dinner and watch the Bachelor like we do every Monday night anyway. Even now, Sarah and Jordan are asleep in the guest room, and have been for like, 2 hours. While I, the night owl, am up wide awake at 2:15 am.

Things im hopeful for, for tomorrow:
1. A good pancake brekky (the Australian term for breakfast, Callie taught me )
2. Sledding success
3. Matt to come outside and get to play for at least a LITTLE while
4. Some good pictures. I didn't even take my camera outside today, my hands were FROZEN without my gloves
5. To feel better. I am kind of sick. but that can't hold me down from going out in this snow!

Hope you all had a good day, too!!



  1. awww I LOVE your pictures!!! I'm so sad I wasn't with y'all! I especially love the Bi-Lo bags!! hahaha...and I swear these pictures are like a throw back to middle school ski retreats haha. I love it and I love you even more! Take lots of pictures today and post them so I can look at them while I'm at work! :)

  2. Kris had to work, too! But at least I got to smile at him all day from the couch! Hope that baby gurr and Cooper enjoyed the snow!