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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the night of the possum


last night, matt and i were sitting on the couch in the living room. watching Nick Swardson's stand up on comedy central, which if you haven't seen it, you must. i was CRYING!!! so funny, i love him. ANYWAYS. we were glued into the tv and i realized Cooper and Annie were not in there snuggled up with us, which they usually are. I told Matt to go make sure they didn't escape from the backyard or something. I mean it was 9 pm and about 30 degrees outside, so it was odd for them to stay out long.

Matt decides he's gonna go up and play halo (go figure.) and calls them inside on his way upstairs. meanwhile, i am still zeroed in on nick swardson talking about how funny drunk girls are. about 5 min later i notice the dogs are inside, when Annie comes marching up by my head on the couch, smelling like straight up POOP!!! "My she!!! Oh my gahhh what did you track in here??" I shot straight up scanning the room for terds. She HAD to have stepped in something or gone potty inside. Well, I see no terds, but see Cooper, sitting up so tall and majestic, smiling, and looking down at the floor, back up at me, down at the floor, back up at me. And I knew right then, he was proud of something. There, beside him, i see something furry, that I first suspect is a stuffed hedgehog he plays with all the time. Realizing the hedgehog is green, and this thing is black and gray, i call for Matt. "Lamb!!! Come down here!! I think my boy brought in another animal!! Hurry!" I couldn't see bc the light was off and the flicker of the tv wasnt enough. Matt comes thundering down the stairs, with a happy voice saying "MY purrrdy, did you get another squirrr?!" (squirrel in our language) Flips on the light switch.

"OH, my god. It's a POSSUM!!!" Then darts out of the room. Leaving me STANDING On the couch repeating "oh my god oh my god oh my god!! what do we dooooo???? cooperrrrrr!!!!" Quickly realizing how funny it would have been to video the scene, last time cooper brought in a squirrel, i decided to run and get matts phone from the foyer. on my way to the foyer, i stop to get a better look at this thing. it is laying there... wet fur on its back where my boy had it in his mouth. and a little bit of blood coming from its nose/mouth. ugh. the scene is quiet, bc matt has gone to get a shovel. just me and the possum alone. i creep closer to it, trying to get a better, peek. and slowly as im bending down, POP!!!! it shoots is freakin head up and LOOKS AT ME!!! looks at me like "Ha! I'm alive! Gotcha!" I scream and BOLT (haha) out of the room and get matts phone, while he is simultaneously running into the room with a shovel.. and thats when i hit record.

oh. my. gosh. matt was SO scared. that thing was showing its teeth and staring at him! hahahahahaha this is so funny. i love that i captured the moment and nothing was planned and it was sheer chaos. please excuse all the LAUNDRY in the living room that i was working on and the pile of junk on the dining room that consists of all my christmas wrapping needs. im working on that :)

needless to say, we tossed the possum. blocked the doggy doors so the dogs couldnt get back out. and gave them baths. which took about an HOUR bc they try to escape the tub the whole time. i should have taken a picture of what we looked like by the end of the whole incident. soaking wet and in our underwear from the dogs soaking us throughout the bathtime process. with dog fur and suds all over us. then had to clean the small blood spot the POSSUM left on our RUG! ewww! i tip toed around all night hoping there wasnt another one in there. so creepy!

matt and i ventured back out into the yard around midnight with our flashlights and phone cameras in toe, to make sure the thing ran away. otherwise the dogs would sniff out the dead thing and bring it back inside. mr possum was no where to be found. so i guess he was alive and well the whole time. gross!!!

did you have as eventful of a sunday as we did?? :)

Good week wishes to all,



  1. OMG that is hilarious! hahahah I would have been terrified too! I love all the 'pet name' references in this post hahahh!

  2. hahaha!! Amen Ashley! Thank you for not editing the way yall's my favorite!! Love you!!!