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Monday, December 20, 2010

tidings of comfort and joy


it's what i love most about Christmas. although i love getting lovely gifts, i honestly would be happy to get none, as long as i was still allowed to give. i love thinking of people, what they may want..or need. what would make them happy. and most importantly, to see how well i know them. it's my favorite thing to give someone something THEY DIDNT ASK ME FOR ... you know.. for example..just guess that Cooper (my dog) would really love a new bed that has a leather cover...because he usually opts to sleep on the cold hardwood floor NEXT to the cozy fleece bed, because he gets too hot. he didnt ASK me for the leather bed..but i knew he would love it. get my drift?

anyway.. one of my favorite quotes on giving..

"you can give without loving, but you can't love without giving."

no matter how much i enjoy playing my little game.. of finding my friends and family something i know they would enjoy without them having to ask for it... that's not what it's really about. it's really about the love that giving brings to you. it feels SO good to give. whether it's giving: presents at christmas, a day of walking and petting and loving on homeless animals at the shelter, a "keep the change" to the sonic car hop, or even something as small as holding the door for someone or giving a compliment to my favorite grocery store worker, Jeffrey, who usually bags my groceries.

it's not necessarily about making me feel good about myself for doing a nice thing... it's knowing that someone else's day/month/year/life is going to be better. regardless of whether you are to blame.

i just was listening to "god, rest ye merry gentlemen" and i wish EVERYONE ... everyone.. tidings of comfort and joy. dont those two things just sound like the most lovely things you can have? comfort and joy. then i started thinking, the things that give me the most comfort and joy are my family (physically) and giving (mentally and emotionally) ... so i just wanted to share that. and if our bank account is drained at the end, i dont care. i just want everyone to be happy.

i just reread this and realize how random and sloppy and not very well spoken it is. haha. ohwell. just remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. he gave the ultimate gift.

merry christmas.



  1. aww I LOVE this post!! I think it's one of my favorites! It's so sweet and so true! I love you little bitty!!

  2. Great post girly!

    Just found your blog such a small world!

    Hope you are doing well, you look just as beautiful as always :)

  3. I love reading your blog! Are you talking about Jeffrey at Bilo?? Hes my favorite too! :)