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Thursday, December 16, 2010

bloggers block

i cant think of anything to blog about. so i will share the eventfulness of my day ...

i did laundry.

i went to taco casa with jordy.

i went to the cardiologist and he gave me the go ahead to start weening off of my medicine!!! i am so ready to be free of pills!!! everyone say a quick prayer that i do alright without them and the process goes smoothly. maybe i'll have one good ambien story before im rid of it for good!! :)

i came home and did p90x. yikes! but with the good news of no meds, i decided, "hey, why not get healthy all around?" i did chest and back.. and ab ripper x. and i seriously am having a hard time sitting up in bed, typing this, right now. owww!! it hurts so good :)

then i made the mexican chicken casserole recipe... located on the right side of my blog under "from this kitchen." its so good! sarah and jordy came over and joined us for dinner. then we watched the sing off. i LOVE "committed" they are awesome!!! and then they left and matt and i watched survivor. we haven't missed a week! but my favorite, jane, went home tonight.

then i put all the laundry away. lit a candle. got ready for bed. perused facebook, and am now blogging before i pop my pill and go to sleep. waiting on matt to come to bed.. he is in his office playing halo online against my brother. ha.

tomorrow, friday, and saturday i have to work. and then im off for 2 WEEKS!!!! (besides the 3 hrs i have to work on christmas eve and 3 hrs on new years eve) i am sooooo excited!!!!

ok. i seriously..SERIOUSLY feel like this is a diary entry from 7th grade, so im going to quit while im ahead. happy 9 days til christmas!!!



  1. aw! I looooovvvee your Christmas Picture at the top of the blog! So cute! 7th grade diary entry or not, i love hearing about your day! :) Happy Holidays!

  2. thanks meg!! merry christmas!! i hope baby adelyn shows up asap :) cant wait to see her.. she is going to be the most beautiful child ever, i already know !

  3. Britt,

    I am so glad they gave you the go ahead to get off your meds! What great news! P.S. I feel like this is what all my blogs look like so I am def all about the 7th grade diary entrys-haha!