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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Big News! :)

So.. on Sunday the girls got together over at Jordan's for our annual Christmas Swap. We were all sitting around rambling about what we got etc etc. Meg starts telling how Brett gave her this photo album of all the pictures they've ever taken together and Jordy is chiming in "I really need a sentimental boyfriend." Wells is about to cry, "Awww!" and I am thinking "Man, I wish he would have given her a ring." Then she trails on, " at the end of it there was this note about our lives and picture of my DIAMOND!!!!" and she whips her hand out of her purse, where she had hidden her GORGEOUS ring and was secretly putting it on. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Wells screamed so loud, my ears were ringing for a few minutes! It was SO GREAT and so HAPPY!!!

We were so sad that Sarah couldn't be there, but dont worry we called and screamed the news to her! :) it was such a fun day! We spent the whole day and night celebrating, drinking champagne, and watching Brett's proposal on video, it was SO sweet!!!

Congrats, Meg! You're going to be the MOST beautiful bride, I am so happy for you and Brett!I love you!


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