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Saturday, December 11, 2010

merry merry

sorry ive been MIA!!! it's been a crazy week. i just got home from helping mom decorate all day and prepare for my brother and sister to get home from college. we made a "kids" tree up in our bonus room with bright colors and all the sentimental ornaments from when we were little. my personal fave is a reindeer "thumbprint" ornament i made in the 2nd grade. ill have to take a pic of it next time im over there. linds too this from her phone so its kind of dark but we had the room dimly lit for ambiance :)

now for a quick recap of this week ...

Sunday... lauren and tree came over and she took pictures of matt and i for our christmas cards this year. they turned out so cute!!! and then we went to fuddrucker's and then we went to Hollywild to see the lights and the animals. We had a lot of fun!! here are a few pics from the "shoot:"

Thanks Lauren!!

Monday: worked. went to Costco and got some essentials. Then to monday night dinner with the besties.

Tuesday: went to the mall with Lauren to finish up some christmas shopping. spent more money than i should have.

Wednesday: what did i do wednesday?? oh yeah! i went to Clemson and helped mimi wrap an ungodly amount of presents!!! we were literally sweating. it was so fun though, listening to frank sinatra christmas cd and drinking a big huge sprite. good times! then i stopped by dad's in easley and we decided to go meet Susie for dinner at Soby's in greenville. So yummy! I brought my poor, sweet, dedicated, hard working husband some shrimp and grits. He has been working SO HARD and so much this month to get this game finished. and he deserved a good meal :) thanks dad!! i really enjoyed that.

Thursday: I worked. went to cvs. came home and put on a bigger coat.. it was freeezing outside. then went to meet jordan, cindy, and sarah at tsunami for some girls night sushi. we had great food and great conversation. stayed for like, 3 hours. and then headed over to the new sports bar across from corner pocket, hoops and hops. it was fun! i love hanging out with jordy and sarah. and jordy bought my a hot dog from the stand outside and it made my night!

Today... i slept late... got up and dressed. headed over to Charlie's BBQ to meet mom for a quick lunch and then we went back to her house to finish decorating and get it all ready for her party next weekend...and for tyler and lindsey to get home from college. they both got home and we played wii for a little bit then made some christmas cookies :) then i got home just about an hour ago (its 1:40 am now)

i have missed matt these past few days!!! but when he has this much work to do, it almost makes it easier on him if im not at home. bc otherwise i beg and beg him to come hang out with me and then he feels sad that he can't. thanks goodness he loves his job and he is SO great at what he does or the long hours would be horrendous for him. right now, they have a huge project they are nearly finished with and if all goes as planned, the game will launch at the beginning of january and he'll get to cut out this "working til 2 am" nonsense. really though,i am so so proud of him!! i love you, lamb! :)

tomorrow we are going to my aunt and uncle's christmas party!! im excited about it!! we will get to spend some good time together and there's nothing i love more than being with family!!!

have a great weekend everyone!!


ps- everyone wish Whitney Meade some baby dust... or should i say.. labor dust!! we are all ready to see/meet baby Livingston!! :) her due date is monday but i think she should come tomorrow and have a really cool birthday..12.11.10

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