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Saturday, December 4, 2010


well, i finished most of my christmas shopping the week before thanksgiving. which is CRAZY! because i think the past ten years, i've finished my christmas shopping at like, midnight, on christmas eve. it feels so good to have it all (but like two things) bought... and wrapped!!!

every year (until this one) all the girls in my family head out shopping on black friday in highlands, nc. this year, i had to work. so i drove to Clemson and picked up my favorite person on earth (my mimi) this afternoon. and we shopped til we dropped!!! we hit up..

Also M.H. Frank in Clemson. it was a long day!!! but it's going to be a great christmas. and most importantly, i just love getting to spend that time with my grandmother. we have so much fun together! can't wait to share with you all the fun things we got for the family ... after Christmas, of course :)

I have to work tomorrow.. and then Sunday, Lauren and Tree are going to come over and lauren's going to take pictures of matt and i for our christmas cards this year! she is so good at photography, so i can't wait to show them to you!! Then we are going to go to Hollywild and see the lights and feed the animals. It should be a good weekend!! update you sunday night!

be of good cheer,


  1. OOOOH M.H. Frank. So fratty. Can you imagine Kris Meade in M.H. Frank? Hahaha!

  2. omg whit. there were some things that were UNSPEAKABLY fratty!!