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Sunday, November 28, 2010

we gobbled til we wobbled

phew! we had a very fun, very busy thanksgiving weekend!!! i had to work on Wednesday ... sold a debutant gown. went home to pack, waited on matt to finish working, and finally left for Highlands around 8:00 pm. After taking the dogs to Cindy's for the night, stopping at chicfila, and weaving up the mtn in the dark fog, we arrived to the mtn house around 10 and had a few beers with the family. It was a crazy dog party this year. Dad and Susie have two, Mimi and Grandy have one, Tyler has one, Aunt Twila and Uncle Sammy have one ... so that was 5 dogs .. if we'd have brought Cooper and Annie we'd have had SEVEN. It was really entertaining though.

Thursday: Matt and I slept until 11:15. missed the parade, but oh well. Had an amazing breakfast with everyone. Cleaned up, watched some home videos with the whole family, played cards, then went back to sleep (only because Mimi wouldn't let me touch anything in the kitchen) so we slept again from about 3 to 5 and then woke up to have a big ol dinner about 5:45. I had to work Friday, so after some long conversation and predictions on the upcoming Carolina vs. Clemson football game, Matt and I got back on the road and headed down the mountain. We made it to Greenville around 9:30 and went over to Cindy's to have a few drinks with her, Kelleigh, and Don. Took the dogs back home around 11:30. saw an INSANE line outside of toys-r-us. decided at this point we were starving again, so we made a new tradition and went to Waffle House. It was so fun. We've been with everyone, tons of people, every holiday since we've been married, and this December we'll go to six christmases in 7 days. So having a holiday night alone, with my sweet husband, at the dirty ol Waffle House, was SO goooooood! :)

Friday: Got up and went to work. Sold this pretty Debutant dress.

then rushed out of there around 5. Went to Bilo to pick up ping pong balls and solo cups for the Aurea Aquila Keg Party 2010. (for those of you who don't know, Aurea Aquila was Eastside High School's yearbook name, and thanksgiving is always a reunion so we decided to have it at my house this year). We had SO much fun catching up with everyone ! playing beer pong, gathering around the fire pit, watching football. I even got to see Emily... my long lost best friend from high school/college. she moved to seattle and i havent seen her since thanksgiving three years ago!!!!

matt and i did a little of this ..

it was too much of a good time for me and i ended up like this ...

Which brings us to Saturday: I woke up feeling awwwwwwwwwfulllllllllll! We had originally planned on going to Clemson as soon as Matt finished getting his haircut at 12. Screw that plan, I was in bed, still spinning. Took a shower... and laid back in bed again. Luckily, Matt brought me some Zaxby's on his way home and that was the next best thing to a cure that there was. I popped a few advil and we headed the the homeland. Tailgaited with some fun people. Got to sit in the warm trustee box with mimi and grandy, had some good food, and lost the game. it was all good though, we had a great weekend! how cute is my husband and his new haircut?

So TODAY we slept in. ate some thanksgiving leftovers. and i ventured out to target and got some fun new christmas decorations then went on my weekly trip to bilo. came and picked matt up and we went and picked out our christmas tree. done with the tree!! still have some more decorating outside to do, we had a great time tonight! i have the best life. i am so happy!! hopefully my doctor's appointment next week with the cardiologist will go as planned and i can get off all my meds for good and then everything will seriously be perfect! happy holidays everyone!! i love you all :) :)


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  1. aww your tree looks so beautiful!!! COME HELP ME WITH MINE!! I love the Waffle House tradition...that's the best thing I've ever heard of! We had so much fun at the party-you are so precious! I love you!!