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Saturday, November 6, 2010


dont you hate it when you just KNOW you're about to get sick. i started sneezing earlier and thought "ehh, no biggie. dust." then i was snuggled up on the couch and all i could think about was wanting to just so sit in a hot shower and let the water hit my head. NOW i just got in bed and it hurts pretty bad on the right side of my throat when i swallow and i am coughing and it sounds like a rattle. booooooooo!!!!!!! i always forget how bad it sucks to have a cold, until i have one. theraflu tonight and hoping that "falling back" with the extra hour of sleep tonight will help. i LOVE this cold weather, but it's no good for someone who's sweating their butt off putting wedding dresses on people all day then go immediately out into the cold.

ps- im not AS sleepy as i was. i had a good morning today, woke right up then didn't get tired at work. maybe bc i knew i was taking my left over Corona's with me for lunch *for those of you who dont know, Corona's is a local mexican restaurant, not beer*

i didn't get to watch or listen to one second of the Clemson game today which is SO unusual for my life. i got the update from some bridesmaids keeping track on their phones. didn't sell a dress today but had fun meeting the girls that i helped. thats one of my favorite things about my job. meeting the brides, hearing about their engagement stories, their fiances, their jobs, their lives :) it's so fun! and so me, i think, anyway.

alright. down the hatch we go....

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