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Sunday, November 14, 2010

just whip it..

is anyone kidding me?! i discovered Willow Smith a few weeks ago, but since then, my affection for her has grown ten fold. i mean, the first time i saw her "Whip My Hair" video i was just ..BEYOND myself. She is freakin 9 YEARS OLD (well, 10 now, but 9 when the video was shot). The talent she posesses is out of this freakin' world...granted, her parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and brother Jayden is a movie star now. She is like, better than Rhianna. yes, i went there. Her video is beautiful with all the paint colors and amazing styling, but what sent me over the edge was her performance on ellen last week. her first time, ever performing in front of a live audience, she sang the whole thing (which not even top artist do nowadays) and she was brilliant. i love her i love her i love her. i cant express it enough.... so im leaving you with her video annnnnnd her ellen performance!!! happy monday :)

dang it... i cant get the video to upload to my blog.. here are the links:

"Whip My Hair" video

Performance on Ellen

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