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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cheerleading and a very small amount of other things

i have been eating, sleeping, dreaming, and breathing cheerleading every since i was thrown into this whirlwind a couple of weeks ago. and i love it!! it is a lot of hard work but i have had fun working!!! between planning, scheduling, registering for coaching and rules clinics for SCHSL, creating a facebook group for tryouts, recruiting (including heading to a girls soccer game and begging them to try out bc we need athletes & facebook messaging middle schoolers), writing out a cheerleading constitution, practice rules and guidelines, try out score sheets, parents meeting info, flyers to go out to the middle schools, and a conditioning workout regimen for the next several weeks, i HAVE had a tiny bit of extra time to go out and do some fun things :)

matt and i went to myabi on friday night for date night. that's always fun. we love us some japanese food ! the saturday i went to work, then headed out for girls night dinner! :) we went to liberty taproom (who actually revamped their menu and got a new head chef and had some amazing food!) then headed to the ale house for a beer, and then finished up at Corner Pocket and had a lot of fun..

and the rain didn't stop us!! thank goodness for valet parking :)

i love my friends! :)

tomorrow is the first day of CONDITIONING for anyone who is interested in trying out for the squad the last week of april... i plan on them being able to stretch like THIS by the time i'm through with them :)

then HOPEFULLY in a few years time.. win state like we did in this video (this is Eastside in 2004-2005, the year after cathleen and i graduated... we drove down to columbia from clemson to watch and they won.. ahhh the good ol days. i'd show you our video from winning state but it was in 2002-2003 and youtube was nonexistant)


  1. They didn't drop a single stunt!! WOW! And I loved "All That Jazz!!!"

  2. I wish I could watch videos at work :( I didn't realize you were doing so much, sister!!! So proud of you and all of your hard work!! I love you!!

  3. so much fun! wish i was in the states and could come to competitions!! i love when i randomly catch cheerleading on tv :) be sure to post some videos!