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Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 minutes inside my head

i am yet AGAIN copying my best friend, megan. her blog is just so lovely i cant help myself. if you read hers, too, this is going to sound VERY familiar, because best friends have very similar thoughts. when i read hers i was cracking up because we literally think all the same things, mostly. but megan, at least you CAN fall asleep so easily and you do. yall, she's out like a light in the drop of a hat. i think she fell asleep in mid-sentence at Valentine's Weekend in Highlands, haha! iiiiii, on the other hand. am still struggling with discontinuing my ambien use. WHICH BY THE WAY is so dumb bc i have to take it now, but it doesnt help me fall asleep at all? last night i went to bed at 4:15 am. arghhh! my doc just put me on some magnesium glycinate and i am switching it out with the ambien and HOPING to wean off. *fingers crossed*

anyway... this is my TRUE timeline of thoughts from last night when i was trying to go to sleep...

uggh i really wish matt was awake bc this sheet is ALL messed up under my foot and i would love to fix it, but he's too heavy

who cares im going to try anyway...

wont budge, so ill just push all these wrinkles under his feet. problem solved.

i need a pedicure

i wonder what the latest spring colors are? for nail polish? i kind of want yellow. my feet are too white for that...

i wonder what the weather is for tomorrow

*look up weather on my iPhone*

shoot, rain.

i mean, yes! rain! i have nowhere to be in the morning and i can sleep in to the sound of rain. but im mad bc saturday is supposed to be beautiful and i have to work.

work. i wonder what kinds of brides im going to be dealing with this week

i wonder who my next friend to get engaged will be

i hope they get a designer dress

i hope i get to pick it

ooh im going to nyc in may, maybe i will go see kleinfeld

YESSSSS brilliant idea!!!!

why does annie sleep in the bed with us but cooper's on the floor? does he love me? i wish he'd snuggle with me

maybe ill go see mimi in clemson tomorrow

maybe next week

i wonder exactly what matt and i will be doing one year from tonight. and how different our lives will be

im gonna start a journal

wait, my blog is like my journal and im way better at typing than writing

what if i was a writer for my job

i won a poetry contest once in 7th grade

it was called stars of lace

i wonder how my 7th grade mind thought of that name..and that poem

i love the smell of this lotion on my hands (Archipelago Botanicals MILK..amazing!) i think i'd bathe in this lotion

i wish i had a really big soaker tub .. i wonder how long we'll live in this house

i wish megan would move to greenville, for real.

we could do "wife" things every day and act like children-less stay at home mom's ..

matt said if i scratch his back every night for 100 nights straight he will ENTERTAIN the POSSIBILITY of the IDEA of MABYE having a baby ..

tonight made night 4..

he said if i miss one night, it resets.

shoot. my wrist hurts...i think i have carpal tunnel from back scratching. maybe annie will alternate nights with me, she's a good scratcher..

ambien is kicking in.

what if matt told me tomorrow he was ready for a baby?

i would probably be like wait wait wait wait i dont know yet . even though i ask for one a lot. am i really ready? is anyone ever ready? what about emily on the bachelor, she definitely wasnt ready for little ricky

ricky.. terrible baby name...

baby names.. .ooh ooh! let me check on my baby names list

ok good, they're all still intact and no one, so far, has stolen one. should i blog about my top baby names?

no way! what are you thinking? someone will get preggo before you and use it, and although you'd be flattered that you helped them think of a name, now you cant use it on your own child!!

future child..


i really really want to make some banana bread tomorrow.

i think i will

why do people put nuts in things like banana bread and cookies? nuts aren't that great

im gonna go to the car wash tomorrow

its SO HOT in here... WHYYY? *immediate FURY of throwing off the covers and turning the fan on high... sometimes stomping to the thermostat and turning it OFF*

maybe if i concentrate really super hard on what i want to dream about it, then i will .. "

then i fall asleep. and dream about something TOTALLY bonkers and crazy and nothing to do with what i wanted to dream about. and wake up to matt's robot alarm clock going off, but in my dream its like .. an alien spaceship coming down to try to pick up cooper with a red laser beam and im screaming trying to get him not to go but they have a giant pack of twizzlers trying to lure him in. he loves twizzlers. that was a REAL dream i had by the way. ohhhhh brothers. that was so random but all of it. true. happy thursday yall, one more day til your weekend!!




  1. don't miss a night of back scratching :) ha!!! I want to do wife things w/ y'all :) LOL

  2. bahahaha!!! I LOVE this post!! Oh my gosh, this is so great...I was laughing through the whole thing! And thanks to you, hopefully we'll be getting to Greenville quicklly!! :) I love you!!