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Sunday, March 6, 2011

an adult decision

so. matt and i are terrible savers. we both have pretty much the same financial brain ..if we have money, we spend it. i really do feel like, i dont want to be "cheap" we are not promised tomorrow and we want to have fun and do things we enjoy while we have the money to do it. WITH THAT BEING SAID ... we have to be smart. ugh. im the money manager in our family, and i'm a little better than matt is as far as knowing what we have to start with, what he have to pay, what we have left, etc. heaven forbid i send him to the grocery store. he goes with a list of 4 things i need and he comes back after spending $200 and is like "look! i found gushers!" ...a long with about a million other unnecessary items:) he's like "it'l'l be fiiiiine! we really neeeeded this magic button fixer and grill scrubbing brush" haha

anyway, we want to have a family, eventually, and we need to have money in the bannnnk! SO i am putting on my big girl panties and saying "nevermind" to our 3 year anniversary "extravaganza." i think i posted on here a while back about how we were hoping to go on a cruise, or maybe even to mexico to the same resort where we honeymooned, this october for our 3 yr anniversary. we planned on paying for this cruise with tax return $$. however i think it is the smart thing to do, to put all the tax return money in a savings account and take our usual anniversary trip to Highlands this year. which there is NOTHING wrong with because we loving going up there, especially in the fall ! and we get to stay there for free because i have the best grandparents ever :)

heres our first anniversary in highlands..

and our second... which we only took about 2 pictures total all weekend bc we both got TERRIBLE stomach viruses, definitely an unforgettable anni...

so.. we get to go on a really fun, week long, family vacay to Isle of Palms this June, and probably a quick beach trip in July as well, so dont worry, we will get in our beach time.

i know i dont personally know a lot of you readers, and i guess this post is more so a "brag board" to all my family and friends that KNOW ME, to say "Aren't you proud of my adult decision?" it's very "un-brittney" of me.

how surprised are you, dad?? :)

love you blog world. i promise to have a better post later this week.



  1. Ugh! Don't you just hate having to make grown up decisions? I still can't believe I was forced to make the decision to let Scott go back to the desert for 20 months to get us back on track. I know in the long run, life will be so much better. But these 20 months are so. not. fun.

  2. HOW RESPONSIBLE :) Go you!!! I guess w/ no trip involved you can start having the family even sooner :) ha ha!!

  3. jamie, i cant even imagine. that sucks so bad!!

    brittani ... i like where your head is at :)

  4. woohoo! So proud of you!! We're trying the same thing...maybe in 5 years we'll all go back together with our saved money!! :)

  5. Ha sounds like you and Matt have a lot in common with Eric and me! It's so hard to save money! Hope you can stick to hour plan... Maybe you can give me some pointers! :)