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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

We had SUCH a fun weekend at the mountain house! Nothing better than being at my favorite house on earth with some of my favorite people :) We had a very relaxing and fun time cooking, shopping, painting nails, watching 20/20 like old people, sitting by the fire, riding the golf cart, drinking wine, etc.

I absolutely LOVE Valentines Day. (probably has something to do with of my obsession with hearts) I made sure to wear pink the entire weekend and a heart necklace :) I know Megan will have a much more detailed post here.

I'm so excited to go to High Cotton with Matt tonight! :) Happy Valentine's Day to all my fellow bloggers. Love to you, all!

<3 B

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  1. sounds like y'all had a blast :)
    i must say... i love 20/20 :)