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Friday, February 25, 2011

time flies.

i can't BELIEVE it's going to be MARCH next week. raise your hand if you feel like new years eve was last night??! omggg it's crazy. but i absolutely love that times flies now. i remember feeling like time went by SO SLOW in highschool. one instance, in particular, comes to mind. i literally remember EVERYTHING about the last minute of the last day of school my junior year. i was sitting in betty howard's math class. NO ONE was paying an ounce of attention. a few girls were coloring "signs" with their markers... one i remember said "COLLEGE HERE WE COME!!" with a tiger paw on it ... a senior girl was coloring it. the bell rang and i was frozen. everyone started cheering and darted out of the class room. and i sat there thinking "there is no way that i have a WHOLE nother year left. there is NO way!" i felt so ready for college. which is weird bc i LOVED high school. i would go back in a heartbeat. but i remember like .. loose papers floating to the ground around me and being the only one left in my desk, thinking. time is SO SLOW!

even though i wish i could go back sometimes, i love that time goes by quickly right now. there are so many fun things i have to look forward to this year. and i RECOGNIZE that once i get a little bit older, "time flying" will make me sad. my babies will grow up before my eyes and i'll be getting AARP membership letters in the mail. woof. but RIGHT NOW. i like it moving fast.

coming up on the bolt agenda:

March: St. Patty's Day and March Madness
April: umm warm, fun things. like Clemson Baseball and spring cookouts
May: NYC for Britt :)
June: Family vacay in Isle of Palms
July: taylor swift in atlanta... another short beach birthday!!!

i cant wait!! good thing time's flying



  1. I know it is crazy to think we're in March...however, lately time seems to be going slow for me! :) ha!!
    Im already getting sad thinking OMG Im having this baby then the next big thing will be grandbabies! I can't believe I'm almost 1/2 of 50 :) Sometimes it'd be nice to go back too!

  2. hahaha! AARP memberships. Oh brother. Time is flying, my baby girl will be 2 months old next week! So sad, but exciting at the same time!

    also, somewhere on that schedule you have to come see me and Adelyn.


    July: Baby E's daddy {my hubby} comes home!