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Monday, October 27, 2008

We're here!!

We're officially in Raleigh! I have two weeks to get the house somewhat organized and set up. Two weeks because Cathleen and Chris are coming to visit and we're going to go to the GA Tech vs. UNC game. (Which I am oh so excited about).

Today I spent a whopping $278 at Target. I left feeling pretty uneasy but was reassured because we had to get a list of "essentials" you need in a new house. (trash cans for bathrooms, hangers, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, etc.) I also bought a pumpkin, that matt and i are going to carve tomorrow or wednesday and I'll post pictures. 

Tomorrow I'm going to rooms to go to compare the greenville price of the sofa we want, to the price here. then im going to buy the cheaper one (if there's even a difference) they have same week delivery and i cannot wait to get our living room set up!!! im more excited about that then the master bedroom. 

Anyway. I'll be back posting those pics later this week :) 

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