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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

things im obsessing over right now. (a stolen blog idea from miss jamie ball)

- my new mac
- christmas everything (esp. music)
- my crockpot
- candles
- sweater dresses with leggings (maybe it SO last year, but i still love it)
- the holiday collection at Bath & Body Works... "Winter" candle and "Winter Candy Apple" soap
- my new j. crew dress
- college football (even though clemson is  terrible. im following Bama. roll tide!)
- getting my house set up for holiday visitors
- the smell of "fire" when i walk outside 
- my new Philosophy "Inner Grace" perfume, and "Amazing Grace" conditioner
- urban decay eyeshadow
- real simple magazine
- one tree hill and antm
- baby names. (don't get ahead of yourselves!!! at least 3 more years til i pop one out... but i love thinking of names, and you know you do it, too!)
- Stress Relief linen spray from bath & body works
- the Rotadent toothbrushes my cousin gave us a wedding gifts (she sells them and they are AMAZING!)
- Dove "calming night" body wash
- betty crocker warm delight bowls... esp peanut butter fudge brownie! HEAVEN in 45 seconds!
- calling matt "my husband" 
- my name officially being "Brittney Kingsmore Bolt"
- Cooper (our dog)
- finding a sister for Cooper for christmas (any breed suggestions are welcomed!)
- Sleet, Snow, and cold temperatures. KEEP 'EM COMIN'!

i could go on and on but i think im going to actually try and get some sleep now. matt woke up at 1:45 this morning really sick. he finally fell back asleep around 3:30 but I am still up. so i blogged. and now im going back to sleep and ill tell you more about it later! :) 


  1. Ohhhh i think i'm going to copy you on this "things i'm obsessing over" blog topic =)

    Oh, and a siberian husky... hands down (sister for Cooper).

    PS- give me your good crock pot recipes i have yet to use mine b/c i don't know what to make!!

  2. um, such a cute LIST idea... LOVE lists :)

    whatch-your name ideas? Hmmm... fun thought!

    crockpot lady's blog is amazing -